2020 IEEE SERVICES - Virtual Conference

The 2020 IEEE World Congress on Services has selected Underline to provide the virtual conferencing services.

All session chairs and speakers should log in to Underline and test the system before end of day on Sunday, October 18. Session chairs should see an option to "start the session." Speakers also should see options to join. Information about how to use Underline is detailed in the training video below. If you do not see these session options on your screen, please immediately contact services2020@underline.io

Technical requirements - browser limitations for Underline platform

Session Chairs: the video presentations are available on this list in the event that a speaker has technical issues: Video Presentations List with links to videos (MS Excel) Share your screen to share the video with the audience.

For support with video presentations please email: services2020@underline.io

Underline training session (recorded)

Underline User Guides

For Virtual Conference Attendees

For Session Chairs/Speakers

For Main Stage Chairs/Speakers

Conference Program

IEEE SERVICES 2020 has a blended program where presentations of different types are mixed. IEEE SERVICES 2020 will be mostly running in virtual mode using Underline. However, there will be a physical event in Beijing, China on the first day, Monday 19 October, 2020. For the virtual part, we broadly divide the world time into three time bands, each targeted to working time in the morning to early/late afternoon of Oceania/Asia, the Americas and Europe/Africa, respectively. For many it will be feasible to join two out of three during morning or early evening in their personal time zone.

Draft programs have been posted on the Congress website.

Paper Presentations

Sessions are 80 minutes long and papers will be presented in the order as they are listed in the program. Sessions with 4 papers will allow for 17 minutes of author presentation and 3 minutes of Q&A. Presentations with 3 papers will allow for 20 minutes of author presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A. Please prepare your talks within these time limits. The slot/time limits will be enforced by the session chairs.

Pre-recorded Video Presentation

Live presentations in each session are expected and supported by the Underline virtual conferencing platform. The Underline platform also provides chat rooms for questions, post-session discussion, pre- and post-recorded videos, post-session surveys/feedback, and live streaming for plenary sessions. We plan to record all plenary sessions (from the Main Stage: Keynotes and Plenary Panels) and make them available during and after the Congress via Underline for those in other time zones for later review.


Underline will send out detailed information to access your Underline account for the conference in due time. This will include “rooms” for each session, room links, discussion forums, post-session survey links, etc. We have contracted Underline to provide session room control from the backstage, while session chairs as assigned will preside over the session for introductions, time-keeping, handling Q&A, etc.

Please login and go to your session “room” at least 15 minutes prior to the session start to meet the session chair, check your network connection, etc.

The session chair may ask how to pronounce your name, and you can ask them how to pronounce their name if you do not know it. The session chair will introduce you before your talk. This introduction is an opportunity to tell the audience a little bit about you.

You are encouraged to share your slides and any other related material links via the conference Underline platform per detailed instructions to be found at Underline site. Finally, your will be asked to provide a short bio while doing the video pre-recording.


Please contact the program chairs of your conference for other questions.