2021 IEEE SERVICES - IEEE Symposium on Blockchain

Call for Papers

Symposium Dates: TBA

The inaugural IEEE Symposium on Blockchain at IEEE SERVICES 2021 provides a forum for leading scientists, researchers, community leaders and visionaries from both academia and industry to share their cutting-edge research findings, practical experiences, and particularly the visions of the future roadmap in the area of blockchain.

This forum is dedicated to submissions that promote visionary ideas and blue-sky thinking that will spark transdisciplinary discussions and cutting-edge insights in the major field of blockchain. We aim at exploring breakthrough and innovative ideas which the R&D community should look at when solidifying its key research agenda for the next 10 years, e.g.,

  • Smart data for Blockchains
  • Blockchain for smart data services
  • Blockchain-based solutions for smart data services
  • Blockchain for smart data management
  • Blockchain-assisted smart data platforms/architectures
  • Blockchain intelligence for data computing

CFP page of IEEE Smart Data Service (SMDS) 2021 includes submission details for a special research paper track on blockchain. A Special Paper Award in Blockchain will be provisioned for the special track. We encourage submitting papers outlining high-risk/high-reward ideas that may open research directions that are not yet well covered today by the blockchain community but are worth their special attention in terms of potential society impact.

The Symposium on Blockchain will feature distinguished speakers from industry and academia, research panels, technical presentations and much more; stay tuned for the agenda. It will be held as a cross-conference symposium at IEEE SERVICES 2021. We extend an invitation to all to participate and make it a success.


Honorary General Chairs:
Peter Chen, Carnegie Mellon University
Andreas Kind, Siemens

General Chair:
Zibin Zheng, Sun Yat-Sen University
Program Chair:
Hong-Ning Dai, Macau University of Science & Technology

Operations Committee:
Huawei Huang, Sun Yat-Sen University

Advisory Committee
Rong N. Chang, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Song Guo, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hai Jin, Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Huaimin Wang, National University of Defense Technology