2021 IEEE SERVICES Symposia Program

IEEE SERVICES 2021 Symposia

The symposia program will feature academic and industry leaders discussing state-of-the-art research and development in a number of topics related to services. There will be Congress-wide symposia and within-conference symposia. The Congress-wide symposia advocate Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) or are designed to address grand challenges for the services field that have not been sufficiently covered by the conferences affiliated with the Congress. Within-conference symposia are designed to engage researchers in addressing issues relevant to particular conference themes and/or deal with issues using a variety of meeting modes.

How do Symposium papers compare with regular conference papers?

The review process for symposia papers will be coordinated by each symposium’s respective organizing committee. That review process will include consideration of invited papers that are expected to be authored by top scholars and/or leading and well-known industry experts who are well recognized for their historical and ongoing contributions to a field of study. Invited papers are expected to provide significant research leadership and/or provide a medium for the seasoned industry leadership required to drive significant advancements in a field of study.

What should I expect of a Symposium?

Every symposium focuses on a D&I theme or is designed to inspire, challenge and advance our field in a services area; they are closely integrated into the Congress because they are coordinated by the Congress’ core organizers. Symposia are designed to foster scholarly gatherings where it is possible to hear and engage with experts in a field of study as they expound on their work.

How do Symposia compare with Workshops?

Congress symposia provide attendees with an avenue to rub shoulders with movers and shakers in a clearly defined services area such as future financial services. The Congress also includes Workshops that are not required to be coordinated by Congress core organizers, and Workshops are delivered in a manner such that participants will be engaging in active learning.

Should I consider participating in symposia if I am a regular paper author?

If you are a regular paper author or co-author, please consider how symposia can increase the value of your attendance. If you are a co-author who may not plan on attending the Congress – please think twice as symposia provide a new, unique conference engagement opportunity to sharpen your soft skills and/or to expand your technical horizons. If you are new to SERVICES, symposia are a great opportunity to discover new collaboration opportunities in a field that is known for its multi-disciplinary roots. Please visit the symposia webpages for more information about how to participate. Check back frequently as new opportunities are being added regularly.