IEEE SERVICES 2021 Instructions for Authors & Speakers

July 9, 2021: All notification letters of accepted papers have been sent to all corresponding authors whose email addresses are captured from EasyChair. Authors of accepted papers will soon receive the author kit from IEEE CPS. Please check your emails, including the spam folder if you do not find it in your inbox. If you have changed your email address which is different from that recorded in EasyChair please immediately inform your program chairs and publication chairs. You are required to use correctly constructed Paper Designator (see below) to register your paper so that the Registration Chair can associate registration record with the registered paper and release your paper to the Publication Chair for inclusion in the proceedings. Due to delay in sending notifications we have revised the author registration deadline to July 21 as shown in the tables below.

Presentation Policy

The organizers of the 2021 IEEE World Congress on Services remain steadfast in advancing our discipline by continuing to engage an international community of scholars committed to the highest standards of research quality. Because of the continuing global pandemic situation this year, 2021 SERVICES will be again held as a digital edition. To safeguard Congress’ excellent reputation we require all speakers to rigorously observe the following presentation policy.

1. This can be done by annotating your PPT file with the audio narration. This task is mandatory although only meant to be a backup in case speakers experience network crash or last-minute illness, or other permissible excuses. Session chairs will decide during the session whether to invoke a prerecorded video to handle emergency situations.

(for authors/presenters) - Pre-Recording a Presentation Video for Underline
Links to required release forms are included in these instructions. The deadline for uploading the prerecorded video presentation has been extended to August 23.

2. Make a “remote live” presentation at your assigned session. That is, although the Congress will be held virtually, speakers are still required to make live presentations from a remote site. We have contracted with Underline, the same virtual conferencing vendor from 2020, to support our web-based presentations and discussions.

Presenters will be given the following estimated time limits for presentations and audience Q&A:
Regular papers: 20 minutes
Short Papers: 15 minutes
Work-in-Progress Papers: 10 minutes

Instructions for Authors and Speakers

Once the notification letters are sent to authors of accepted papers, Congress Publication Chairs will forward email addresses to the IEEE CPS staff editor who, in turn, will directly contact authors for instructions to upload camera-ready manuscripts to IEEE CPS. As in the past, there will be six volumes to be produced for 2021 IEEE World Congress on Services. Publication Chairs assigned to compile and produce each volume are:

Publication Chair Robert Ward: IEEE CLOUD, IEEE ICWS, IEEE SCC volumes
Publication Chair Nimanthi Atukorala: IEEE ICDH, IEEE SMDS, IEEE SERVICES volumes
Senior Publication Chair Zhongjie Wang will supervise the proceedings compilation and production work.

Publication Chairs may contact you for questions and resolving issues like correct registration (see below for paper designators).

Please review the presentation policy above. All authors/speakers will present their work remotely this year. Detailed instruction will be provided to authors/speakers to prepare prerecorded video presentation for uploading to designated site 2-3 weeks before the Congress date. Please also visit the registration page to properly register your technical contribution.

It is the Congress policy that authors are not allowed to modify the paper title, add/remove authors, or take other actions that may cause confusion and deviate from the original intent of the submission. Such changes must be submitted to the program chair(s) of the corresponding conference for written approval, with the assigned publication chair fully informed. Failing to do so will result in removal of the paper in question.

Authors must strictly follow the naming convention (i.e., paper designators) to clearly label each paper as follows when submitting camera-ready manuscripts to IEEE CPS. Complete author kit with the camera-ready submission link will be sent directly to authors by IEEE CPS. The July 21 registration deadline is firm. After that, unregistered papers will be removed from the final paper list and proceedings.

Please review the following section carefully to help us correctly identify the source and destination of a particular piece of technical contributions.

*Each distinct event (a conference, a symposium, a workshop, etc.) is marked with a distinct 3-letter designator; e.g., CLOUD conference is designated as CLD.

*Each paper type is marked with a distinct 3-letter ID; e.g., Regular/Full paper is designated as REG.

*Each paper/other technical contribution is marked with a paper number assigned by EasyChair. Note that since we operate with several EasyChair sites with separate licenses in parallel, paper number is not unique across sites. For example, paper # 30 may appear in all affiliated conference submissions sites. Thus, an EasyChair assigned paper number cannot uniquely identify a paper or a technical piece. It often causes a lot of cross-checking overhead between publication, registration and other relevant admin tasks.

*Thus, to uniquely identify a technical contribution, we require authors to use a complete 3-part “designator” (EVENT TYPE, PAPER ID, PAPER NUMBER) upon uploading and as the naming convention of uploaded file. So, for a regular/full paper with (EasyChair) # 077, say, assigned by CLOUD EasyChair site, the complete paper designator must be CLD_REG_077.

Questions may be directed to the organizing committee at: (at)

See the table shown below for more details.

IEEE SERVICES Congress Paper Designators and Requirements
Events, Proceedings Volumes, Paper Designators, Page Limits, and Deadlines
Events include conferences, symposia, workshops, hackathon, etc.
Conference Volumes* (CLD, CDH, CWS, SCC, SMD)
Paper Type Paper ID Paper Designator Examples Page Limit Uploading/Registration Deadline Remark
Regular/Full REG CLD_REG_224 10 15-Jul 21-Jul (+)
Short SHT CWS_SHT_123 6 15-Jul 21-Jul (+++)
Work in Progress WIP SCC_WIP_008 3 15-Jul 21-Jul (+++)
Conference Invited Papers INV CDH_INV_077 10 15-Jul 21-Jul (+)
Symposium (through "special track" open call - not "invited") SYM BLK_SYM_052 10 15-Jul 21-Jul (+) (++)
Symposium ("invited" not through "special track" open call) SYM BLK_INV_081 10 15-Jul 21-Jul (+) (++)
* Conference Volumes: CLOUD (CLD), ICDH (CDH), ICWS (CWS), SCC (SCC), SMDS (SMD); incluing symposium papers associated with a "special track".
(+) Regular/Full papers are limited to 10 pages of main text plus additional pages for references as justified. Up to 2 extra pages can be purchased for the main text at $150 each page.
(++) Each symposium has a 3-letter designaor: Cloud HPC (CHP),AI-CloudSEO (ACS), Quantum Software and Services (QSS), Software Service Engineering (SSE), Future of Financial Services (FFS), BlockChain (BLK)
(+++) Up to one extra page can be purchased at $150.
SERVICES Volume**(SVC) - techncial contributions subitted to the 2021 SERVICES EasyChair Site
Type ID Designator Examples Page Limit Uploading/Registration Deadline Remark
Keynotes KEY SVC_KEY_nnn 10 15-Jul 21-Jul (+)
Plenary Panels PNL SVC_PNL_nnn 2 15-Jul 21-Jul
Other Panels PNL e.g. FFS_PNL_nnn 2 15-Jul 21-Jul
YESC Regular/Full REG YESC_REG_nnn 10 15-Jul 21-Jul (+)
YESC Short SHT YESC_SHT_nnn 6 15-Jul 21-Jul
WISC SYM WISC_SYM_nnn 6 15-Jul 21-Jul
Invited Paper/Speaker Material - invited by symposium INV CHP_INV_nnn or ACS_INV_nnn or QSS_INV_nnn or SSE_INV_nnn 10 15-Jul 21-Jul (+)
J1C2 Abstracts J1C2 SVC_J1C2_nnn 1 15-Jul 21-Jul
DIKWN KWN KWN_REG_nnn 6 15-Jul 21-Jul **
IWIOS IOS IOS_SHT_nnn 6 15-Jul 21-Jul **
CCBPM BPM BPM_INV_nnn 6 15-Jul 21-Jul **
Concise Papers
CON SVC_CON_nnn 2 21-Jul
Note: nnn is the paper number assigned by EasyChair; add leading zero(s) to make it 3 digits.
** Up to 2 extra pages can be purchased at $150 each page.

About the Technical Committee on Services Computing

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