IEEE SERVICES 2021 Guide to Underline

SERVICES - Guide to Navigating the Congress with Underline

SERVICES Congress 2021 will be conducted through the Underline virtual platform. The SERVICES Underline website will be available soon, and we will provide a link once it is available. Please visit our links and view training videos below, which contain helpful information on accessing SERVICES 2021, setting up an Underline account, and how to find, join, or moderate a session.

(for session chairs) - How to claim a host key and record the session

(for authors/presenters) - Pre-Recording a Presentation Video for Underline

(for attendees/session chairs) - Breakout/Technical Sessions - Instructions for Zoom Rooms

Helpful Tips

Be sure to update your Zoom software to ensure smooth operation during technical sessions.

Presenters will be given the following estimated time limits for presentations and audience Q&A:
Regular papers: 20 minutes
Short Papers: 15 minutes
Work-in-Progress Papers: 10 minutes

In general, Underline works best with latest version of Google Chrome. However, currently supported desktop browser versions in which Underline should behave as expected are:

  • Microsoft Edge 80.0.361 and newer (latest is 86.0)
  • Google Chrome 80.0.3987 and newer (latest 86.0.4240.75
  • Mozilla Firefox 76.0 and newer (latest 81.0.2)
  • Safari versions 12 and newer (14.0)

Users with anything older than that might run into issues, such as: no video on Main stage livestreams, oddly looking or misplaced buttons, no audio or video settings for live Q&A sessions (and therefore, no audio or video coming from that user while in the session), no toggle buttons for turning camera/microphone on or off, no leave session button, inability to screenshare. Users NEED to avoid using Internet Explorer.

Known limitations:

  • In case of multiple screens, users won’t be able to choose which one to share if using Safari.
  • Audio share (while screensharing) works only in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge; users are advised to use latest available versions for best available performance.
  • It’s been observed that on Windows PCs, if video and audio input devices are used in one browser, they won’t be available in other browsers at the same time. As a result, live Q&A sessions won’t work properly if e.g. users try to log in from multiple browsers at the same time.
  • If using Firefox, due browser limitations users won’t find input device setup menu.