• GC: General Chair of a conference, e.g., IEEE CLOUD
• Congress: IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES) this year
• PC: Program Committee of a conference
• PCC: Program Committee Chair of a conference
• TC: Track Chair, a PC member appointed to handle submissions to a specific conference track

1. How will early submissions to a conference be handled?
     a. Early submissions are reviewed as a service to the community, with the aim of improving the quality of final submissions.
     b. The result of the early submissions' reviews will not be a decision but rather consist of advice regarding improving the viability of the paper for IEEE Services.
     c. The pool of shepherds/reviewers for early submissions is selected by PCCs within their PC, and preferably includes Track Chairs.

2. Can GCs, PCCs, PC members, and Track Chairs submit papers to their conferences? How will these submissions be handled?
     a. A specific GC or PCC can submit papers to her/his conference. However, these submissions will be handled by a separate pool of reviewers at the Congress level.
     b. PC members (including Track Chairs) can submit to their conferences. PCCs will handle the review process to make sure they are not aware of the reviewers’ identity.
     c. Track Chairs are discouraged from submitting to their tracks.

3. Who will determine paper award winners? Can one paper receive more than one award?
     a. Winners of Best Paper Awards and Best Student Paper Awards are determined by PCCs, none of them can be a winner of the awards for her/his conference.
     b. Winner of Special Paper Award for a specific special track is determined by the special track chairs, none of them can be a winner of the award for her/his special track.
     c. Every paper can receive no more than one award.
     d. Awardee determination priority is: Best Paper > Best Student Paper > Special Paper Awardees