We seek research demonstrations from laboratories or research groups (academic, government, or industrial). Demos should interest the broad VR community and be presentable in a conference setting.

Accepted research demonstrations will be invited to participate in an exhibition of new and innovative work. The conference will provide basic infrastructure for the demos. In addition, authors of accepted demonstrations will have a time slot in the Research Demonstration Session to communicate more generally information about the specific demo and other work being performed at the lab. Proposals for research demonstrations should be submitted by email to the research demonstration chairs. Proposals should include a one-page description of the demo and the set up, plus a one-page description of the research lab itself (no more than two pages total).

After this date, venue and publication space cannot be guaranteed. However, researchers are encouraged to contact the chairs to discuss their potential demonstration, and the possible opportunities currently available.

The deadline for research demonstrations submissions is: December 26, 2008.

Research demonstrations submissions must be submitted via email to the Research Demonstration Chairs at vr-researchdemochairs@ieee.org.

For more information or to submit a proposal contact the Research Demonstration Chairs:

Laura Monroe, Los Alamos National Laboratories
Ed Lantz, Vortex Immersion
Moonho Park, Samsung
Simon Richir, Laval Virtual
Diane Favro, University of California, Los Angeles
Andreas Gerndt, German Aerospace Center (DLR)