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IEEE-VR 2009
Beyond the Lab: VR Content Showcase

For this brand new event, IEEE-VR 2009 seeks innovative and compelling applications of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and 3D user interfaces to be showcased in LITE’s visualization venues. Other portions of the conference appropriately focus on research and advancing the state of the art, as well as demonstrations and prototypes that support recent results. This showcase will emphasize how these technologies emerge from the laboratory, integrate meaningful content, and become important to the world at large, either as works that make us think, engage our aesthetic sensibilities, or enhance our efforts in the workplace.

Those interested in submitting work for this showcase will have several options for the display of their work. LITE has four permanent "bolted to the floor" visualization venues which can be made available, including:

  • Immersive Theater - seats 175 people, curved screen is almost 40 feet across, three projectors, surround sound, both passive (polarized) and active stereo

  • Executive Conference Room - seats up to 30 people, flat screen is approximately 12 feet across, two projectors, active stereo, head tracking

  • Flex Conference Room - seats up to 30 people, curved screen is approximately 18 feet across, three projectors, active stereo, head tracking

  • Total Immersive Space - accommodates up to four people at a time, six-sided CAVE, surround sound, active stereo, head tracking

  • In addition, LITE has various portable display systems that can be made available, including LCD monitors as well as portable projection systems.

    Submissions to the showcase will be juried by a distinguished panel that will seek to match compelling applications and content to LITE's visualization venues. The goal is to maximize the impact of your content while showcasing LITE's venues.

    Selected works will be displayed on a prescribed schedule during the conference, and summaries and highlights will be included in the proceedings.

    Since the submissions must ultimately run on LITE's systems, it will be required that submitters agree and adhere to detailed schedules and technical specifications that will be finalized and published in the coming weeks. The delay in posting is necessary in part because LITE is currently involved with expansions of the systems that will directly affect the detailed capabilities offered in each visualization venue.

    Expect the submission deadline to land in the late September or early October time frame. While not required, submitters are strongly encouraged to begin dialog with the chairs as soon as possible via email to describe their content and to explore the viability of displaying their work in this showcase. All submissions must meet minimum feasibility requirements to receive full consideration. It would be of little use to anyone for the jury to select a submission that requires a hardware and/or software configuration that LITE cannot make available for the showcase.

    As frequently asked questions about the showcase emerge, they will be posted to benefit others. In addition, a liaison will assist with technical issues related to loading, compiling, and running the jury selected submissions on LITE systems. This assistance will be free of charge, but will be strictly limited to technical logistics and basic help desk calls.

    Individuals whose submissions are selected should expect a requirement to travel to Lafayette in the days preceding the conference in order to finalize their content running in a LITE venue, and to rehearse and otherwise prepare for the conference.

    We eagerly look forward to your contributions to this exciting new event.

    Marty Altman and Jacki Morie, Co-Chairs