IEEE VR 2009

To take part in the tutorials, it is very important that you come prepared, with materials pre-installed on your laptop. Some of these installations may require a significant amount of time, so downloading them during the tutorial itself will not be possible. If you do not have materials installed, you may still view the tutorial, but the learning you take away will be greatly reduced.

NEW! Hands on with physics packages

Please see the page

Hands on with commercial VR packages

  • Virtools
    Update! Rather than using the previously posted .zip file, please do this:
    go to and login as with password M8ntq2ei
    download all 4 files, make sure to save them all in the same directory
    run setup.exe When installing, use the following serial number: 9mqy53d3wy-NFR1P4090 and be sure to select all optional packages
    Next, obtain an evaluation license. To do this, download and then run FlexLMHostID.exe program, and choose "Get HD Serial".
    Copy the DISK_SERIAL_NUM=xxxxxxx information into the Code Test Loan Agreement document (table page 4), and replace all information marked in red in the document.
    Print, sign, scan and send it by email to with the subject IEEE VR 2009 Virtools Tutorial, or send it by fax: +33-1-70-73-43-37 (in this case an email with the non signed doc as well would help)
    We will then send the license file back to you

  • Vizard
    For this session, please download a free trial of the Vizard software, from:

Hands on with Free/Open VR packages
  • inVRs
    For this session, materials can be found at this location:
    Please download the .tar.gz archive and install. You can also get the manual with all course notes (this will also be available on the conference proceedings)

  • instantReality
    For this session, attendees should come with the package from this site installed:
    In addition, you need a working copy of the beta6 version of the InstantRealityPlayer, available at
    Print and bring the marker and any additional devices you would like to try (e.g. joystick, camera, CAVE, ...)

  • OpenSGwith VRJuggler
    For this session, attendees should come with either the windows or linux program package installed from this site:
    Linux users will need to compile their own libs due to the many variations possible (this can take some time). Windows users should just check that things work ok with the binaries and cmake.