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Papers Program


March 6th Tuesday 1:30pm-2:10pm

  1. On Delay Adjustment for Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Virtual Environments
    - Yunhua Deng and Rynson W.H. Lau
  2. [short]Crowd Simulation using Discrete Choice Model
    - Wenxi Liu, Rynson Lau and Dinesh Manocha

Locomotion 1

March 6th Tuesday 2:10pm-3:25pm

  1. Redirecting Walking and Driving for Natural Navigation in Immersive Virtual Environments
    - Gerd Bruder, Victoria Interrante, Lane Phillips and Frank Steinicke
  2. Walking in a Cube: Novel Metaphors for Safely Navigating Large Virtual Environments in Restricted Real Workspaces
    - Gabriel Cirio, Peter Vangorp, Emmanuelle Chapoulie, Maud Marchal, Anatole Lecuyer and George Drettakis
  3. Impossible Spaces: Maximizing Natural Walking in Virtual Environments with Self-Overlapping Architecture
    - Evan A. Suma, Zachary Lipps, Samantha Finkelstein, David M. Krum and Mark Bolas

Mixed and Augmented Reality

March 6th Tuesday 3:50pm-5:20pm

  1. [tvcg]Real-Time Evaluation and Visualization of Learner Performance in a Mixed Reality Environment for Clinical Breast Examination
    - Aaron Kotranza, D Scott Lind and Benjamin Lok
  2. Extended Overview Techniques for Outdoor Augmented Reality
    - Eduardo Veas, RaphaŽl Grasset, Ernst Kruijff and Dieter Schmalstieg
  3. Online Tracking of Outdoor Lighting Variations for Augmented Reality with Moving Cameras
    - Yanli Liu and Xavier Granier
  4. [short]Spatial Augmented Augmented Reality for Environmentally-Lit Real-World Objects
    - Alvin J. Law and Daniel G. Aliaga

Perception and Cognition

March 7th Wednesday 8:30am-10:00am

  1. The Right View from the Wrong Location: Depth Perception in Stereoscopic Multi-User Environments
    - Brice Pollock, Melissa Burton, Jonathan W. Kelly, Stephen Gilbert and Eliot Winer
  2. Geometric Calibration of Head-Mounted Displays and its Effects on Distance Estimation
    - Falko Kellner, Benjamin Bolte, Gerd Bruder, Ulrich Rautenberg, Frank Steinicke, Markus Lappe and Reinhard Koch
  3. Effects of Immersion on Visual Analysis of Volume Data
    - Bireswar Laha, Kriti Sensharma, James D. Schiffbauer and Doug A. Bowman
  4. [short]The Effects of Navigational Control and Environmental Detail on Learning in 3D Virtual Environments
    - Eric D. Ragan, Karl J. Huber, Bireswar Laha and Doug A. Bowman

View Generation

March 7th Wednesday 1:30pm-2:10pm

  1. Effective Replays and Summarization of Virtual Experiences
    - Kevin Ponto, Joe Kohlmann and Michael Gleicher
  2. [short]Room-sized Informal Telepresence System
    - Mingsong Dou, Ying Shi, Jan-Michael Frahm, Henry Fuchs, Bill Mauchly and Mod Marathe

Getting Physical

March 7th Wednesday 4:50pm-5:50pm

  1. [short] Increasing Agent Physicality to Raise Social Presence and Elicit Realistic Behavior
    - Joon Hao Chuah, Andrew Robb, Casey White, Adam Wendling, Samsun Lampotang, Regis Kopper and Benjamin Lok
  2. [short] Evaluation of Visual and Force Feedback in Virtual Assembly Verifications
    - Mikel Sagardia, Bernhard Weber, Thomas Hulin, Carsten Preusche and Gerd Hirzinger
  3. [short] Puzzle Assembly Training: Real World vs. Virtual Environment
    - Mike Oren, Patrick Carlson, Stephen Gilbert and Judy M. Vance
  4. [short] Can physical motions prevent disorientation in naturalistic VR?
    - Salvar Sigurdarson, Andrew P. Milne, Daniel Feuereissen and Bernhard E. Riecke

Interaction Techniques

March 8th Thursday 8:30am-10:00am

  1. Haptic Palpation for Medical Simulation in Virtual Environments
    - Sebastian Ullrich and Torsten Kuhlen
  2. Evaluating Display Fidelity and Interaction Fidelity in a Virtual Reality Game
    - Ryan P. McMahan, Doug A. Bowman, David J. Zielinski and Rachael B. Brady
  3. Dense and Dynamic 3D Selection for Game-based Virtual Environments
    - Jeffrey Cashion, Chadwick Wingrave and Joseph J. LaViola Jr.
  4. [short]Self-Motion Illusions (Vection) in VR - Are They Good For Anything?
    - Bernhard E. Riecke, Daniel Feuereissen, John J. Rieser and Timothy P. McNamara

Locomotion 2

March 8th Thursday 1:30pm-2:15pm

  1. [short] Sensor-Fusion Walking-in-Place Interaction Technique using Mobile Devices
    - Ji-Sun Kim, Denis Gracanin and Francis Quek
  2. [short] A Taxonomy for Deploying Redirection Techniques in Immersive Virtual Environments
    - Evan A. Suma, Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke, David M. Krum and Mark Bolas
  3. [short] The Cognitive Implications of Semi-Natural Virtual Locomotion
    - William E. Marsh, Marisa Putnam, Jonathan W. Kelly, Veronica J. Dark and James H. Oliver

Modeling with Depth Sensors

March 8th Thursday 2:15pm-3:20pm

  1. Scanning 3D Full Human Bodies Using Kinects
    - Jing Tong, Jin Zhou, Ligang Liu, Zhigeng Pan and Hao Yan
  2. Interactive 3D Model Acquisition and Tracking of Building Block Structures
    - Andrew Miller, Brandyn White, Emiko Charbonneau, Zach Kanzler and Joseph J. LaViola Jr.
  3. [short] Reducing Interference Between Multiple Structured Light Depth Sensors Using Motion
    - Andrew Maimone and Henry Fuchs








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