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ICEBE 2008 advance program is available now. (10-07-2008) download

Program at a Glance

Date Time Track A Track B Track C Track D




Registration / Conference Breakfast at Nanyang Hotel
Opening remarks
Keynote I (Chair: Steven Miller)
Integration of Web Services and Software Agents for Industrial Applications
Weiming Shen
Coffee break #1
Session 1
(Chair: Chaiyaporn Chirathamjaree)
Session 2
(Chair: Raymond Farmer)
Session 3
(Chair: Xiaolin Zheng)
Session SOAIC-1 (Chair: Lianjun An)
Software Engineering
for e-Business - I
Software Engineering
for e-Business - II
Data Management for e-Business - I: Service Data Service-Oriented
Applications and Integration
Lunch #1
Session 4
(Chair: Raymond Lau)
Session 5
(Chair: Hsueh-Hsien Chang)
Session 6
(Chair: Kwei-Jay Lin)
Session SOAIC-2 (Chair: Xiangyu Wang)
Data Management for e-Business - II: Data Models Data Management for e-Business - III: Knowledge in Data Service Engineering -I: Service Discovery and Description Service-Oriented
Modeling and Development
Coffee break #2
Session 7
(Chair: Fang Zhiyuan)
Session 8
(Chair: Weider D. Yu)
Session 9
(Chair: Ci-Wei Lan)
Session SOKM (Chair: Dickson K.W. Chiu)
Service Engineering - II: Service Model and Composition Service Engineering -III: Service-Oriented Applications and QoS Trust Evaluation and
Real-Time Transactions
Knowledge Management
IEEE TCEC Reception/Dinner (Chair: Kwei-Jay Lin)




Registration / Conference Breakfast at Nanyang Hotel
Opening remarks
Keynote II (Chair: Jen-Yao Chung)
The Greening of Innovation
Jurij Paraszczak and Jen-Yao Chung
Coffee break #3
Session 10
(Chair: Joe Zou)
Session 11
(Chair: Leslie Liu)
Session 12
(Chair: Ying Chen)
Session BIMA-1 (Chair: Achim Karduck)
Privacy Preserving and Security Evaluation Mobile and Pervasive Commerce - I Industry Experience
and Applications - I
BI Methodologies
and Applications - I
Lunch #2
Session 13
(Chair: Rajat Moona)
Session 14
(Chair: Simon Fong)
Session EM2I (Chair: Jingzhi Guo) Session BIMA-2 (Chair: William Cheung)
Software Engineering
for e-Business - III
Data Management for e-Business – IV: Data Collection,
Searching and Monitoring
Integration and Interoperability
BI Methodologies
and Applications - II
Coffee break #4
Keynote III (Chair: Yong Qi)
Breaking the Privacy Barrier
Yunhao Liu
Plenary panel
Banquet / Banquet Keynote




Registration / Conference Breakfast at Nanyang Hotel
Opening remarks
Session 15
(Chair: Kuo-Ming Chao)
Session 16
(Chair: Xiaohong Jiang)
Session DKEEE-1 (Chair: Althea Lliang) Session AiR
(Chair: Zongwei Luo)
Service Engineering – IV: Service-Oriented System
Trust, Privacy and
Management Enabling
Advances in RFID
Coffee break #5
Session 17
(Chair: Ching-Lung Lin)
Session 18
(Chair: Nawal Guermouche)
Session DKEEE-2 (Chair: Wei Sun) TCEC business meeting
Kwei-Jay Lin,
Jen-Yao Chung
Mobile and Pervasive
Commerce - II
Industry Experience
and Applications - II
Modeling in SOA and Grid Environment
Lunch #3

Advance Program

10:30 ~ 12:30, Oct 22, 2008
 Session 1: Software Engineering for e-Business - I (Chair: Chaiyaporn Chirathamjaree)

Architectural Design of the Online Auction System with AOSAD
   Wen Jing, Ying Shi, NiYou Cong, and Zhang LinLin


Determining the Level of Perceived Risk in e-business Web 2.0 Interactions
   Omar Hussain, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam Dillon, and Farookh Hussain


A Model-Driven SOA Implementation of Multi-Channel Websphere Commerce Gift Center
   Yew-Huey Liu, Jih-Shyr Yih, Florian Pinel, and Trieu Chieu

Session 2: Software Engineering for e-Business - II (Chair: Raymond Farmer)

Performance Implications of Next-Generation Multi-processing Platforms on e-Business
   Server Applications
   Qi Ming Teng, Xiao Zhong, Ying Li, and Ying Chen


A Component-Oriented Development Approach to EBusiness Applications
   Wang Chu and Depei Qian


Context-Driven Business Process Adaptation for Ad Hoc Changes
   Xia YongLin and Wei Jun


Context-Aware Distributed Reputation Management System
   Jinhwan Lee and Kwei-Jay Lin

Session 3: Data Management for e-Business - I: Service Data (Chair: Xiaolin Zheng)

A Federated UDDI System for Concurrent Access to Service Data
   Qianhui Liang and Jen-Yao Chung

Service-Enabled Automatic Framework for Testing and Tuning Multi-tier System
   Dong Jun Lan, Pei Ni Liu, Jun Hou, Meng Ye, and Leslie S. Liu
A Study and Performance Evaluation of the Multi-Tenant Data Tier Design Patterns for
   Service Oriented Computing
   Zhi Hu Wang, Chang Jie Guo, Bo Gao, Wei Sun, Zhen Zhang, and Wen Hao An
Session SOAIC-1: Service-Oriented Applications and Integration (Chair: Lianjun An)
IT and Business Integration through the Convergence of Virtualization, SOA and
   Distributed Computing
   Jackson He and Enrique Castro-Leon
Applying Service-Oriented Architecture into an Augmented Reality E-business System
   Rui Wang and Xiangyu Wang
QoS-Aware Service Selection under Consumer’s Reputation
   Ping Wang, Kuo-Ming Chao, Chi-Chun Lo, and Yinsheng Li
A Peer-to-Peer e-Market Organized within Mobile Devices Based on Distributed Services
   Zhou Yu, Fang Zhiyuan, and Li Ning
An Agent Based Wrapper Mechanism Used in System Integration
   Chenguang Zhao, Qingshan Li, Meisheng Wang, Yingqiang Wang, and Yuping Li
13:30 ~ 15:30, Oct. 22, 2008
Session 4: Data Management for e-Business - II: Data Models (Chair: Raymond Lau)
A Model-Driven Object Store
   Liangzhao Zeng, Hui Lei, Trieu Chieu, and Henry Chang
Answering an Inquiry from Heterogeneous Contexts
   Jingzhi Guo, Zhuo Hu, Grigoris Antoniou, and Chi-Kit Chan
A Data Model for Heterogeneous Data Sources
   Chaiyaporn Chirathamjaree
An Adapted Alternation Approach for Recommender Systems
   Carme Julia, Angel D. Sappa, Felipe Lumbreras, Joan Serrat, and Antonio López
Session 5: Data Management for e-Business - III: Knowledge in Data (Chair: Hsueh-Hsien Chang)
The New CIO: From Technician to Business Strategist and the Implications for E-Commerce
   Andres Fortino
URL Rule Based Focused Crawler
   Xiaolin Zheng, Tao Zhou, Zukun Yu, and Deren Chen
Constrained Skyline Computing over Data Streams
   Jin-xian Lin and Jing-jing Wei
Session 6: Service Engineering - I: Service Discovery and Description (Chair: Kwei-Jay Lin)
Towards Personalized Ranking in Web Service Selection
   Wenge Rong, Kecheng Liu, and Lin Liang
Metadata Discovery for a Service-Broker Architecture
   Raymond Farmer, Adam Raybone, Rehan Uddin, Michael Odetayo, and Kuo-Ming Chao
A Run-Time Service Discovery Tool for Web Services Compositions
   Mohsen Rouached and Claude Godart
Structured NL Representation for Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Semantic Web Services
   William Song and Joe Geldart
Session SOAIC-2: Service-Oriented Modeling and Development (Chair: Xiangyu Wang)
Verifying Service-Oriented Requirements Using Model Checking
   Xiaoxia Cao, Huaikou Miao, and Qingguo Xu
A Scripting Language Used for Defining the Integration Rule in Agent System
   Hua Xing, Qingshan Li, Yingqiang Wang, Chenguang Zhao, Shaojie Mao,and Guilin Zhang
A Service-Oriented Development Platform with Precise Service Discovery
   Gang Liu, Xiaoyan Wu, Enmei Tang, Qianhui Liang, and Yinsheng Li
Modeling and Analyzing Composite Semantic Web Service Using Petri Nets
   Huaikou Miao, Tao He, and Zhongsheng Qian
On Web Service Construction Based on REpresentation State Transfer
   Jin Zhang, Feng-lin Li, and Chi-Hung Chi
16:00 ~ 18:00, Oct. 22, 2008
Session 7: Service Engineering - II: Service Model and Composition (Chair: Fang Zhiyuan)
A RESTful Architecture for Service-Oriented Business Process Execution
   Santhosh Kumaran, Rong Liu, Pankaj Dhoolia, Terry Heath, Prabir Nandi, and Florian Pinel
Automated Configuration of System Infrastructure for SOA-Based Enterprise Computing
   Thomas Phan and Wen-Syan Li
Ensuring the Consistent Concurrent Execution of Service Composition under Relaxed Isolation
   Li Lin, Zongtao Zhao, Hua Zhong, and Jun Wei
A Formal Approach to Devising a Practical Method for Modeling Reusable Services
   Jin Sun Her, Hyun Jung La, and Soo Dong Kim
Session 8: Service Engineering - III: Service-Oriented Applications and QoS (Chair: Weider D. Yu)
A General QoS Error Detection and Diagnosis Framework for Accountable SOA
   Soo Ho Chang and Kwei-Jay Lin
Robust Application-Level QoS Management in Service-Oriented Systems
   Qianhui Liang, Hoong Chuin Lau, and Xindong Wu
ACORD Standards Based SOA Solution for Insurance Industry - Combine ACORD eForms with
   Business Services through XForms Standard
   Qiang Wang, Ying Chun Guo, Min Li, and Xiao Feng Zhao
A Service Engineering Approach to a Mobile Parking Guidance System in uHealthcare
   Weider D. Yu and Margaret Chan
Session 9: Trust Evaluation and Real-Time Transactions (Chair: Ci-Wei Lan)
The Evaluation of Situational Transaction Trust in E-Service Environments
   Yan Wang and Ee-Peng Lim
AHP-Based Multi-Dimension Credit Evaluation Model for ECommerce
   Xiang Chen, Yi Liu, and Hao Sun
A Real-Time Payment Scheme for SIP Service Based on Hash Chain
   Jianguo Hao, Jia Zou, and Yiqi Dai
Session SOKM: Service-Oriented Knowledge Management (Chair: Dickson K.W. Chiu)
An Empirical Study of Information Service Quality Evaluation Factors System
   Zhiyuan Fang, Huiyang Zhang, Kaiyin Huang, and Yu Zhou
HAWK: A Focused Crawler with Content and Link Analysis
   Xiaoyun Chen and Xin Zhang
A Wiki Service for Investment Knowledge Management
   C.F. So, K.S. Wong, K.F. Fung, S.Y. Ho, C.L. Lai, and Raymond Y.K. Lau
Toward Tourist Service Integration and Personalization with Semantic Web Services: A Case
   Study in Hong Kong
   Ka Cheuk Wu and Dickson K.W. Chiu
10:30 ~ 12:30, Oct 23, 2008
Session 10: Privacy Preserving and Security Evaluation (Chair: Joe Zou)

● PGMAP: A Privacy Guaranteed Mutual Authentication Protocol Conforming to EPC Class 1
   Gen 2 Standards
   Jiahao Wang, Edward C. Wong, and Terry Ye


● Privacy Preserving in Ubiquitous Computing: Challenges & Issues
   Tinghuai Ma, Shin-Dug Kim, Jun Wang, and Yawei Zhao


● How to Trust DRE Voting Machines Preserving Voter Privacy
   Yunho Lee, Seungjoo Kim, and Dongho Won


● Security Weaknesses in Chang and Wu’s Key Agreement Protocol for a Multi-Server
   Youngsook Lee and Dongho Won

Session 11: Mobile and Pervasive Commerce - I (Chair: Leslie Liu)

● SmartRF-A Flexible and Light-Weight RFID Middleware
   Anirudh Ghayal, Zuber Khan, and Rajat Moona


● New Programming Model for Pervasive Computing
   Qingsong Yao, Shan Chang, Yong Qi, and Li Ming


● A Semantic-Enabled Mobile Directory Service for RFID-Based Logistics Applications
   Michele Ruta, Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Giacomo Piscitelli, and Floriano


● User Acceptance Testing of Mobile Payment in Various Scenarios
   Henry Ho, Simon Fong, and Zhuang Yan

Session 12: Industry Experience and Applications - I (Chair: Ying Chen)

● Applying Pattern Approach for Solution Architecture Design: A Case Study in Retail Solution
   Xin Zhang, Zhongjie Li, Wei Sun, Zhongbo Jiang, Jonathan Adams, and Paul Verschueren

● A Web Services Integration to Manage Invoice Identification, Metadata Extraction, Storage and
   Retrieval in a Multi-tenancy SaaS Application
   Thomas Kwok, Jim Laredo, and Sridhar Maradugu
● A Supplier Performance Evaluation Solution for Proactive Supplier Quality Management
   Sai Zeng, Mitchell A. Cohen, Benjamin J. Steele, and Jakka Sairamesh
● Applying SOA and Web 2.0 to Telecom: Legacy and IMS Next-Generation Architectures
   Rebecca Chen, Victor Shen, Tony Wrobel, and Christina Lin
Session BIMA-1: BI Methodologies and Applications - I (Chair: Achim Karduck)
Towards a Data Warehouse Contextualized with Web Opinions
   Juan Manuel Pérez, Rafael Berlanga, Maria José Aramburu, and Torben Bach Pedersen
● A Framework for Business Data Analysis
   Takashi Suenaga, Shoko Takahashi, Miho Saji, Junko Yano, Kei-ichiro Nakagawa, and Jun
● Bringing Business Objects into Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Technology
   Huong Morris, Hui Liao, Sriram Padmanabhan, Sriram Srinivasan, Phay Lau, Jing Shan,
   and Ryan Wisnesky
● An Integrated Use of CWM and Ontological Modeling Approaches towards ETL Processes
   Anh-Duong Thi Hoang and Binh Thanh Nguyen
13:30 ~ 15:30, Oct. 23, 2008
Session 13: Software Engineering for e-Business - III (Chair: Rajat Moona)
● Modeling Electronic Money Dynamics: A Complex System Perspective
   Hao Sun, Yueting Chai, and Yi Liu
● Managed Business Artifacts
   Anil Nigam, Jun-Jang Jeng, Tian Chao, and Henry Chang
● A Framework of User Model Based on Semi-Supervised Techniques
   Xiaojian Ding, Yuancheng Li, and Yinliang Zhao
● Agile Partner Selection Based on Meta-heuristic Algorithm
   Zheng Lin and Lubin Wang

Service-Oriented User Interface Modeling and Composition
   Wei-Tek Tsai, Qian Huang, Jay Elston, and Yinong Chen

Session 14: Data Management for e-Business – IV: Data Collection, Searching and Monitoring (Chair: Simon Fong)
● Automatic Product Information Acquisition for Supermarkets Using Internet and RF Wireless

   Lin-Song Weng, Ching-Lung Lin, and Hsueh-Hsien Chang
● BPMN-Based Modeling of B2B Business Processes from the Neutral Perspective of
   Hyoung Do Kim
● Structural Analysis of R & D Division from Patent Documents
   Yurie Iino, Yasuhiro Yamada, and Sachio Hirokawa
● Real-time Performance Monitoring for an Enterprise Information Management System
   Trieu C. Chieu and Liangzhao Zeng
● Supporting Crisis Management Processes by Wirelessly Interconnected Tablet-PCs
   Cláudio Sapateiro, Pedro Antunes, Gustavo Zurita, Nelson Baloian, and Rodrigo Vogt
Session EM2I: E-Marketplace Integration and Interoperability (Chair: Jingzhi Guo)
● Ontological User Profiling on Personalized Recommendation in e-Commerce
   Siping He and Meiqi Fang
● A SOA-Based ARIS Model for BPR
   Chen Li, Jiayin Qi, and Huaying Shu
● A New Credit Based Micropayment Scheme
   Fuqing Wang, Wei Dong, and Yindong Ji
● From Information Processing to Information Flow: Application to Consumer Mind
   Sabah Al-Fedaghi
● Research on Credit Evaluation Model and Algorithm for B2B e-Commerce
   Chunhui Piao, Changyou Zhang, Xufang Han, and Jing An
Session BIMA-2: BI Methodologies and Applications - II (Chair: William Cheung)
● Ascertaining the Semantic and Linguistic Level of Perceived Risk in e-Business Interactions
   Omar Hussain, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam Dillon, and Farookh Hussain
● Seamless User-Interface for Business Intelligence
   Jan Seeburger, Achim P. Karduck, and Asarnusch Rashid
● Business Process and Risk Models Enrichment: Considerations for Business Intelligence
   Amadou Sienou, Achim P. Karduck, Elyes Lamine, and Hervé Pingaud
● Modeling Online User Behavior
   Alfredo Milani, Judith Jassó, and Silvia Suriani
08:30 ~ 10:55, Oct. 24, 2008
Session 15: Service Engineering – IV: Service-Oriented System Implementation
(Chair: Kuo-Ming Chao)
● A Disclosure Framework for Service Accountability in SOA
   Joe Zou, Christopher J. Pavlovski, and Yan Wang
● Design Support for Advanced Network Programming Applications
   Dionisis Adamopoulos
● Data Messaging Based Approach for Web Service Composition
   Nawal Guermouche, Boualem Benatallah, and Claude Godart
● Access Control for Human Tasks in Service Oriented Architecture
   Xin Wang, Yanchun Zhang, and Hao Shi
● SCPM: Facilitating Process-Centric Deployment in Enterprise System Implementation
   Qinhua Wang, Changrui Ren, Shao Bing, Jin Dong, Hongwei Ding, and Wei Wang
● An Amphibian Service-Oriented Agent Model for Cooperative Distributed Systems
   Ying Daisy Wang, Hamada Ghenniwa, and Weiming Shen
Session 16: Trust, Privacy and Security (Chair: Xiaohong Jiang)
● A Trust and Risk Framework to Enhance Reliable Interaction in ECommerce
   Yan Li, Ming Zhao, Huiping Sun, and Zhong Chen
● Automated Trust Negotiation Based on Concurrent Zero-Knowledge for e-Business

   Shangyuan Guan, Xiaoshe Dong, Yiduo Mei, Weiguo Wu, and Zhengdong Zhu
● Trust Routing Protocol Framework Based on Behavior Assessment for Wireless Sensor

   Huanzhao Wang, Xinjian Zhai, and Peijun Chen
● Towards Practical Privacy Preserving Technology Adoption Analysis Service Platform
   Zongwei Luo
● Detecting SYN Flooding Agents under Any Type of IP Spoofing
   Dalia Nashat, Xiaohong Jiang, and Susumu Horiguchi
● Overview of Security Threats for Smart Cards in the Public Transport Industry
   Konstantinos Markantonakis, Keith Mayes, Damien Sauveron, and Ioannis G. Askoxylakis
Session DKEEE-1: E-business Management Enabling Technologies (Chair: Althea Lliang)
● Efficient Algorithms for Selecting Optimal Data Collection Locations in Business Process

   Yue Zhang and Kwei-Jay Lin
● Ontology Evolution Issues in Adaptable Information Management Systems
   Yinglin Wang, Xijuan Liu, and Rongwei Ye
● Research of Reflective Component Model Based on the Separation of Multidimensional

   Gang Xiao, Rongchun Ruan, Jiawei Lu, Fei Gao, and Yuanming Zhan
Session AiR: Advances in RFID (Chair: Zongwei Luo)
● QTS ALOHA: A Hybrid Collision Resolution Protocol for Dense RFID Networks
   Yan Xinqing, Yin Zhouping, and Xiong Youlun
● Surface Acoustic Wave Based Radio Frequency Identification Tags
   Lin Wei, Han Tao, and Shui Yongan
● Security of an RFID Protocol for Supply Chains
   Ton van Deursen and Sasa Radomirovic
● Design and Analysis for RFID Authentication Protocol
   Zhen Zhang, Shijie Zhou, and Zongwei Luo
● Research on Data Processing in RFID Middleware Based on Event-Driven
   Yulian Fei, Gonglian Jin, and Ruqi Wu
11:05 ~ 12:30, Oct. 24, 2008
Session 17: Mobile and Pervasive Commerce - II (Chair: Ching-Lung Lin)
● Supporting High Updates Disk-Based Index in Road Network
   Liangxu Liu, Weimin Li, Yongming Guo, and Jiajin Le
● BlueStar: Managed Services for Enterprise Mobility
   Steve Mastrianni, David Bantz, Terrence Beuchner, Tom Chefalas, George Edwards, Dongjun  
   Lan, Gary Leonardi, Leslie Liu, Randy Moulic, Dennis G. Shea, Jinho Song, and Drew Wyskida
● User-Centered Design and Evaluation of WAP-Based Systems
   Rahat Iqbal, Nazaraf Shah, Kuo-Ming Chao, and Konstantian Karatsivi
Session 18: Industry Experience and Applications - II (Chair: Nawal Guermouche)
● Strategic Co-operative R&D and Firm Performance in Emerging B2B E-Commerce
   Jijiao Jiang and Jingwen Zhang
● Cognition Change from Skype Internet Phone User by Qualitative Perspectives
   Yung-Chih Yen, Chia-Chen Yen, and Jih-Shih Hsu
● A Web-based CMS/PDM Integration for Product Design and Manufacturing
   Chia-Chen Yen, Chiaming Yen, and Jih-Shih Hsu
Session DKEEE-2: Modeling in SOA and Grid Environment (Chair: Wei Sun)
● Visualized Monitoring of Virtual Business Process for SOA
   Tiejun Ou, Wei Sun, Changjie Guo, and Jing Li
● An Extended SOA Model for Customer-Centric E-Commerce
   Garyfallos Fragidis and Konstantinos Tarabanis
● An Integrated Development Environment for Synthesising Web Services
   Dionisis Adamopoulos
● GMDBSCAN: Multi-Density DBSCAN Cluster Based on Grid
   Chen Xiaoyun, Min Yufang, Zhao Yan, and Wang Ping
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