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Xi'an is one of the most ancient cities in China. Over the course of 1,100 years, beginning from the eleventh century B.C., 11 dynasties from Western Zhou down to the Tang successively built their national capital here. In Han and Tang times Xi'an was called Chang'an; it was not only the political, economic and cultural centre of the country, but also an important international metropolis carrying on the economic and cultural exchange between China and many foreign countries. At that time, the world famous "Silk Road", which played the role of an important thoroughfare connecting the eastern and the western parts of the world, started from Chang'an.

Xi'an has a long history, splendid culture, rich cultural relics and historic sites, which reflect the features of the ancient Chinese society from different angles, providing a great deal of historical knowledge. In the east of Xi'an there are ancient sites such as the mausoleum of Q in Shi Huang, who unified the whole country for the first time about 2,000 years ago, the site of the world-stirring archaeological discovery of numerous terracotta soldiers and horses of Q in dynasty, and the famous Huaqing Pool with its beautiful surroundings. In the south, many noted Buddhist temples, such as Da Ci En Temple, Xingjiao Temple, Jianfu Temple, Da Xingshan Temple, Blue Dragon Temple, are still well preserved. These temples present the religious and cultural exchange between China and India, Japan and other foreign countries in ancient China. Built in the Tang dynasty, both The Great Wild Goose Pagoda and The Lesser Wild Goose Pagoda are masterpieces of Chinese classical architecture, constructed more than 1,000 years ago, they still retain their original appearance. Located inside the city, the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower and the City-walls built in the Ming dynasty still look very grand and impressive.

Now, Xi'an has become one of the most famous tourist resorts in China.

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