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Conference submissions may span such as E-Business technology, systems, application and management topics:

  • Software Engineering for e-Business Track
    • Design methods, tools and science for e-Business
      • Design models or system performance models
      • Linkage of requirement analysis, modeling and verification with systems design and verification
      • Software engineering, architecture tools and environments
      • Methods and tools for managing component/composite service
    • Models, platforms and applications for e-Business
      • Risk prediction and value analysis
      • Ecosystems and virtual enterprise
      • Enterprise resource planning and supply chain management
      • Requirement analysis and modeling of e-Business systems
    • Components, services and solutions for e-Business
      • IT Infrastructure, platforms and middleware
      • Application components and application services
      • Component and service based solutions for enterprise applications
      • Novel web based or distributed solutions for B-to-B, social network-to-social network
  • Data Management for e-Business Track
    • Data and knowledge engineering for e-Business
      • Acquisition, retrival and mining of data and information
      • Methods and systems for information acquisition, retrival and mining
      • Knowledge management
    • Workflow and business process tools and management for e-Business
      • Workflow and transaction automation and management
      • Business process performance management
      • Workflow driven e-Business modeling
    • Stream processing, complex event processing and continuous queries
    • Semantic Web
  • Service Engineering Track
    • SOA business modeling and governance
    • SOA enterprise architecture, service bus and federated architecture
    • SOA business process management and orchestration
    • Grid services
  • Security, Privacy and Open Source Track
    • Security, privacy and trust methods and solutions for enabling e-Business
    • Open source technologies and components for e-Business
    • Open source version management
    • Authentication in e-Business
  • Mobile and Pervasive Commerce Track
    • Mobile and pervasive methods, applications and integrated solutions
    • Sensor systems and RFID applications
    • Ubiquitous information access
    • Context awareness and smart environments
    • Resource discovery of mobile services
  • Industry Experience and Applications Track
    • Related to any of the topics above, highlighting large-scale applications, and persistent and emerging real-world challenges
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