IEEE CLOUD 2020 - Technical Program

Technical Program

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The CLOUD program includes the CLOUD Symposium Program

Date/Time (UTC) Session Presentation
Tues 10/20

01:00 - 02:20
CLOUD 1: WIP - Cloud Applications

Session Chair:
Liqiang Wang, University of Central Florida

Anomaly Detection in Cloud Components
Mohammad Saiful Islam and Andriy Miranskyy
The Research on Agricultural Product Price Forecasting Service Based on Combination Model
Guang Zheng, Hui Zhang, Jingjing Han, Chenhui Zhuang and Lei Xi
Recursive LSTM with Shift Embedding for Online User-Item Interaction Prediction
Chengyu Yin, Senzhang Wang and Hao Miao
Designing Knowledge Plane to Optimize Leaf and Spine Data Center
Mujahid Sultan, Dodi Imbuido, James MacDonald and Kumar Ratnam
Tues 10/20

02:40 - 04:00
CLOUD 2: WIP - Cloud & Edge Management

Session Chair:
Sanjay Patel
LambDP: Data Processing Framework for Terminal Applications in IoTs Services
Zhao Liqing, Bo Cheng and Jun-Liang Chen
Adaptive Control Channel Traffic Shaping for Virtualized SDN in Clouds
Yeonho Yoo, Gyeongsik Yang, Minkoo Kang and Chuck Yoo
TensorExpress: In-Network Communication Scheduling for Deep Learning
Minkoo Kang, Gyeongsik Yang, Yeonho Yoo and Chuck Yoo
Offloading Deadline-aware Task in Edge Computing
Xin He and Wanchun Dou
Tues 10/20

07:00 - 08:20
CLOUD 3: WIP - Orchestration & Data Analysis

Session Chair:
Paolo Ceravolo, Universita Degli Studi di Milano
Analysis of SQL Workloads on an Enterprise Datalake
Luis Garces-Erice, Sean Rooney and Zoltan Nagy
Container Orchestration on HPC Systems
Naweiluo Zhou, Yiannis Georgiou, Li Zhong, Huan Zhou and Marcin Pospieszny
Deep Neural Architecture for Geospatial Trajectory Completion
Asif Nawaz, Zhiqiu Huang, Senzhang Wang and Amara Naseer
Constrained Energy-Cost-Aware Workflow Scheduling for Cloud Environment
Emmanuel Bugingo, Defu Zhang and Wei Zheng
Tues 10/20

08:40 - 10:00
CLOUD 4: Cloud Performance Evaluation

Session Chair:
Paolo Ceravolo, Universita Degli Studi di Milano
Serverless Elastic Exploration of Unbalanced Algorithms
Gerard Paris, Pedro Garcia Lopez and Marc Sanchez-Artigas
DEAR: Distributed Evaluation of Alerting Rules
Mathias Mormul, Pascal Hirmer, Christoph Stach and Bernhard Mitschang
A Content-wise Data Placement Policy for Improving the Performance of MapReduce-based Processing Applications in Cloud Computing
Eihab Saatialsoruji
Tues 10/20

19:00 - 20:20
CLOUD 5: Invited I

Session Chair:
Claudio Ardagna, Universita Degli Studi di Milano
Secure IoT Data Analytics in Cloud via Intel SGX
Md Shihabul Islam, Mustafa Safa Ozdayi, Latifur Khan and Murat Kantarcioglu
Be Your Neighbor's Miner: Building Trust in Ledger Content via Reciprocally Useful Work
Lara Mauri, Ernsto Damiani and Stelvio Cimato
The Million Dollar Handshake: Secure and Attested Communications in the Cloud
Nikolaos Chalkiadakis, Dimitris Deyannis, Dimitris Karnikis, Giorgos Vasiliadis and Sotiris Ioannidis
Tues 10/20

20:40 - 22:00
CLOUD 6: Invited II

Session Chair:
Wensheng Zhang, Iowa State University
ViCLOUD: Measuring Vagueness in Cloud Service Privacy Policies and Terms of Services
Anantaa Kotal, Karuna Pande Joshi and Anupam Joshi
VR Design and Display System of Ceramic Products Based on Cloud Service Platform
Wen-Tao Zhang, Hua Huang, Meikang Qiu and Qiangfei Ma
Cloud Governance
Bhavani Thuraisingham
Service Management in the Edge Cloud for Stream Processing of IoT Data
Hachem Moussa, I-Ling Yen and Farokh Bastani
Wed 10/21

01:00 - 02:20
CLOUD 7: Service Prediction & Optimization

Session Chair:
Rodrigo Neves Calheiros, Western Sydney

Service Load Prediction based on User Knowledge Level Evolution for Software Development Knowledge Base
Ming Yi, Yuliang Shi and Kun Zhang
Scalable Graph Convolutional Network based Link Prediction on a Distributed Graph Database Server
Miyuru Dayarathna, Anuradha Karunarathna, Dinika Senarath, Shalika Madhushanki, Sanath Jayasena, Toyotaro Suzumura and Chinthaka Weerakkody
Resource and Job Execution Context-aware Hadoop Configuration Tuning
Xinhe Wang, Jianlin Zhang and Yuliang Shi
Wed 10/21

02:40 - 04:00
CLOUD 8: Edge Applications I

Session Chair:
Mengwei Xu, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications

Wasmachine: Bring the Edge up to Speed with A WebAssembly OS
Jiaqi Wen and Gerald Weber
Allies: Tile-based Joint Transcoding, Delivery and Caching of 360° Videos in Edge Cloud Networks
Jianxin Shi, Lingjun Pu and Jingdong Xu
Multi-objective Cross-layer Resource Scheduling for Internet of Things in Edge-Cloud Computing
Ruichao Mo, Fei Dai, Qi Liu, Wanchun Dou and Xiaolong Xu
Wed 10/21

07:00 - 08:20
CLOUD 9: Edge Caching & Computation Offloading

Session Chair:
Xiao Ma, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications
Collaborative Computation Offloading Approach for Smart Cities in Mobile Edge Computing
Hualong Huang, Kai Peng and Xiaolong Xu
Optimal Application Deployment in Mobile Edge Computing Environment
Fefei Chen, Jingwen Zhou, Xiaoyu Xia, Hai Jin and Qiang He
Proactive Data Cache and Replacement in the Edge Computing Environment
Ying Liu, Ao Zhang, Xiaoyu Xia, Feifei Chen, Qiang He and Bin Zhang
Wed 10/21

08:40 - 10:00
CLOUD 10: Cloud Applications II

Session Chair:
Valerio Bellandi, University of Milan

EventWarden: Toward Efficient Indoor Positioning for Cloud Services in SIoT
Nan Jiang, Guangjie Dong, Yiying Hu, Li Gao and Jing Chen
VMatch: A Matching Theory Based VDC Reconfiguration Strategy
Anurag Satpathy, Manmath Narayan Sahoo, Lucky Behera, Chittaranjan Swain and Ashutosh Mishra
Deep Unsupervised Anomaly Sequence Detection with Fusion of Spatial and Temporal Feature in the Cloud
Wang Mengqing, Zhang Zhihua, Liu Jialei, Duan Li and Liu Chunhong
Wed 10/21

20:40 - 22:00
CLOUD 11: Cloud Applications III

Session Chair:
Keman Huang, MIT

Mystiko: Cloud-Mediated, Private, Federated Gradient Descent
K.R. Jayaram, Archit Verma, Ashish Verma, Gegi Thomas and Colin Sutcher-Shepard
PONCHE: Personalized and Context-aware Vehicle Rerouting Service
Lucas Ladeira, Allan de Souza, Thiago Silva, Richard Pazzi and Leanro Villas
Auto-Generation of Domain-Specific Systems: Cloud-Hosted DevOps for Business Users
Saurabh Sinha, Tara Astigarraga, Richard Hull, Nerla Jean-Louis, Vugranam Sreedhar, Hao Chen, Lian Xue Hu, Federico Carpi, Juan Ariel Brusco Cannata and William Loach
Thurs 10/22

01:00 - 02:20
CLOUD 12: Cloud Management I

Session Chair:
Shuai Zhao, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications

Auto-Scaling Cloud-Based Memory-Intensive Applications
Joe Novak, Sneha Kasera and Ryan Stutsman
ImageJockey: A Framework for Container Performance Engineering
Takeshi Yoshimura, Rina Nakazawa and Tatsuhiro Chiba
Flexible and Efficient Partial Migration of Split-memory VMs
Takahiro Kashiwagi and Kenichi Kourai
Thurs 10/22

02:40 - 04:00

Session Chair:
Liguang Xie

A Hierarchical Control Plane Framework for Integrated SDN-SFC Management in Multi-tenant Cloud Data Centers
Lakshmi B S and Lakshmi J
Resource Optimization and Delay-aware Virtual Network Function Placement for Mapping SFC Requests in NFV-enabled Networks
Yi Yue, Bo Cheng and Xuan Liu
QoS Control Method Based on SDN for Mobile Cloud Service
Jiang Bingcheng, Qian He, Xiongying Li and Huan Huang
Thur 10/22

13:00 - 14:20

CLOUD 14: Serverless Computers and Containers

Session Chair: Nabil El Ioini

On the Use of Containers in High Performance Computing Environments
Arnab K. Paul, Subil Abraham, Redwan Ibne Seraj Khan and Ali R. Butt
Lambdata: Optimizing Serverless Computing by Making Data Intents Explicit
Yang Tang and Junfeng Yang
Serverless Computing: Behind the Scenes of Major Platforms
Daniel Kelly, Frank Glavin and Enda Barrett
Thurs 10/22

14:40 - 16:00
CLOUD 15: Symposium Panel

Panel Chair:

Gopal S. Pingali, IBM India

Andrew Chien, University of Chicago
Sai Kolluri, Google
Maciej Malawski, AGH University of Science & Technology
Maja Vukovic, IBM Research, TJ Watson Research Center
Thurs 10/22

19:00 - 20:20
CLOUD 16: Microservices & Containers

Session Chair:
Rasool Asal
Realizing A Composable Enterprise Microservices Fabric with AI_Accelerated Material Discovery API Services
Rong Chang, Kumar Bhaskaran, Prasenjit Dey, Hsiang Han Hsu, Seiji Takeda and Toshiyuki Hama
Sledge: Towards Efficient Live Migration of Docker Containers
Bo Xu, Song Wu, Jiang Xiao, Hai Jin, Yingxi Zhang, Guoqiang Shi, Lin Tingyu, Jia Rao, Li Yi and Jizhong Jiang
RITA: Efficient Memory Allocation Scheme for Containerized Parallel Systems to Improve Data Processing Latency
Danlin Jia, Mahsa Bayati, Ron Lee and Ningfang Mi
Thurs 10/22

20:40 - 22:00
CLOUD 17: Edge Application II

Session Chair:
Heiko Ludwig, IBM
Optimizing Allocation and Scheduling of Connected Vehicle Service Requests in Cloud/Edge Computing
Yecheng Zhao and Baekgyu Kim
DeepPM: Efficient Power Management in Edge Data Centers using Energy Storage
Zhihui Shao, Mohammad Islam and Shaolei Ren
CFP: A Cross-layer Recommender System with Fine-grained Preloading for Short Video Streaming at Network Edge
Dezhi Ran, Yuanxing Zhang, Ye Yuan and Kaigui Bian
Fri 10/23

01:00 - 02:20
CLOUD 18: Network and Storage Optimization

Session Chair:
Liguang Xie

A Lightweight SOA-based Network Slicing Creation System
Meng Wang, Bo Cheng and Junliang Chen
PCHA: A Fast Packet Classification Algorithm for IPv6 Based on Hash and AVL Tree
Yuyan Zhang, Xingxing Chen and Xu Zhang
An Efficient Database Backup and Recovery Scheme using Write-Ahead Logging
Hwajug Kim, Heonyoung Yeom and Yongseok Son
Fri 10/23

02:40 - 04:00

CLOUD 19: Deep Learning & Federated Learning

Session Chair:
Heiko Ludwig, IBM

The Design and Implementation of a Scalable DL Benchmarking Platform
Cheng Li, Abdul Dakkak, Jinjun Xiong and Wen-Mei Hwu
FedMax: Enabling a Highly Efficient Federated Learning Framework
Haohang Xu, Jin Li, Hongkai Xiong and Hui Lu
Variable Batch Size Across Layers for Efficient Prediction on CNNs
Anamitra Roy Choudhury, Saurabh Goyal, Yogish Sabharwal and Ashish Verma
Fri 10/23

07:00 - 08:20
CLOUD 20: Cloud Management & Governance

Session Chair: Marco Anisetti, IBM

Towards Tracking Data Flows in Cloud Architectures
Immanuel Kunz, Valentina Casola, Angelika Schneider, Christian Banse and Julian Schutte
Enforcing Corporate Governance's Internal Controls and Audit in the Cloud
Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Sara Foresti, Stefano Paraboschi and Pierangela Samarati
Maximizing Reliability of Data-Intensive Workflow Systems with Three Fault Tolerance Schemes in Cloud
Weiling Li, Qiang He, Kewen Liao, Xiaoning Sun, Feifei Chen and Yunni Xia
Fri 10/23

08:40 - 10:00
CLOUD 21: SHORT - Cloud Modeling I

Session Chair:
Marco Anisetti
Modelling VM Latent Characteristics and Predicting Application Performance using Semi-supervised Non-negative Matrix Factorization
Yuhui Lin, Adam Barker and John Thomson
Proactive Container Auto-scaling for Cloud Native Machine Learning Services
David Buchaca, Josep Berral, Chen Wang and Alaa Youssef
What-if QoS Prediction of Cloud-hosted Web Services via Domain Adaptation in Evolutionary Scenarios
Tianqi Sun and Jianpeng Hu
Fri 10/23

14:40 - 16:00
CLOUD 22: Cloud Performance & Maintenance

Session Chair:
Nabil El Ioini
Scheduling Physical Machine Maintenance on Qualified Clouds: What if Migration is not Allowed?
Long Wang, Harigovind Ramasamy and Richard Harper
RAD: Detecting Performance Anomalies in Cloud-based Web Services
Joydeep Mukherjee, Alexandru Baluta, Marin Litoiu and Diwakar Krishnamurthy
Sat 10/24

01:00 - 02:20
CLOUD 23: SHORT - Cloud Modelling II

Session Chair:
Liqiang Wang
A Noise-aware Asymmetric Spectral Regularization Collective Matrix Factorization Algorithm for Recommender System in Cloud Services
Jun Tao Han and Yong Pan
Phase Aware Performance Modeling for Cloud Workloads
Arnamoy Bhattacharyya, Eyal De Lara and Cristiana Amza
Cloud Resource Provisioning and Bottleneck Eliminating for Meshed Web Systems
Yamin Lei, Zhicheng Cai, Hang Wu and Rajkumar Buyya
Sat 10/24

02:40 - 04:00
CLOUD 24: SHORT - Cloud Management II

Session Chair:
Zhe Fu
VM Migration for Secure Out-of-band Remote Management with Nested Virtualization
Tomoya Unoki and Kenichi Kourai
A Prediction Based Replica Selection Strategy for Reducing Tail Latency in the Distributed System
Santa Maria Shithil and Muhammad Abdullah Adnan
Energy Efficient Decentralized Geographical Load Balancing via Dynamic Deferral of Workload
Zeenat Islam, Md Moniruzzaman and Muhammad Abdullah Adnan
Sat 10/24

07:00 - 08:20
CLOUD 25: SHORT - Cloud Applications IV

Session Chair:
Yingjie Wang
Evaluating Concurrent Executions of Multiple Function-as-a-Service Runtimes with MicroVM
Jungae Park, Hyunjune Kim and Kyungyong Lee
A Control System for Managing the Flexibility in BPMN Models of Cloud Service Workflows
Imen Ben Fradj, Yousra Bendaly Hlaoui and Leila Ben Ayed
Spark-Tuner: An Elastic Auto-Tuner for Apache Spark Streaming
M. Reza Hoseinyfarahabady, Javid Taheri, Albert Zomaya and Zahir Tari
Sat 10/24

08:40 - 10:00
CLOUD 26: Cloud Security

Session Chair: He Qian
Forward Secure Public Key Encryption with Keyword Search for Cloud-assisted IoT
Hyeongseob Kim, Changhee Hahn and Junbeom Hur
Robustness Analysis of Triangle Relations Attack in Social Recommender Systems
Jia Wang, Min Gao, Zongwei Wang, Runsheng Wang and Junhao Wen
LSH-based Collaborative Recommendation Method with Privacy-Preservation
Jiangmin Xu, Xuansong Li, Hao Wang, Hong0Ning Dai and Shunmei Meng
Sat 10/24

13:00 - 14:20
CLOUD 27: Edge-Cloud Collaboration

Session Chair: Zigui Jiang
GMAS: A Geo-Aware MAS Based Workflow Allocation Approach on Hybrid-Edge-Cloud Environment
Meng Niu, Bo Cheng and Jun-Liang Chen
Multi-request Scheduling and Collaborative Service Processing for DASH-video Optimization in Cloud-Edge Network
Xuan Zhao, Song Zhang and Wanchun Dou
JANUS: Benchmarking Commercial and Open-Source Cloud and Edge Platforms for Object and Anomaly Detection Workloads
Karthick Shankar, Pengcheng Wang, Ran Xu, Ashraf Mahgoub and Somali Chaterji
Sat 10/24

13:00 - 14:20
CLOUD 28: Cloud Task Scheduling

Session Chair: Lingyan Zhang
RSDS: Getting System Call Whitelist for Container Through Dynamic and Static Analysis
Xuhao Wang, Qingni Shen, Pengfei Wu and Wu Luo
Skedulix: Hybrid Cloud Scheduling for Cost-Efficient Execution of Serverless Applications
Anirban Das, Andrew Leaf, Carlos A. Varela and Stacy Patterson
Toposch: Latency-Aware Scheduling Based on Critical Path Analysis on Shared YARN Clusters
Chunming Hu, Jianyong Zhu, Renyu Yang, Hao Peng, Tianyu Wo, Shiqing Xue, Xiaoqiang Yu, Jie Xu and Rajiv Ranjan