IEEE SCC 2020 - Technical Program

2020 Technical Program

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The SCC program includes the IEEE 2nd Future of Financial Services Symposium.

Date/Time (UTC) Session Presentation
Tues 10/20

01:00 - 02:20
Foundations of Service Computing and Serviceology/Services Science

Session Chair
Frank Liu, Southern Illinois University

A Framework for Situation-aware Access Control in Federated Data-as-a-Service Systems Based on Query Rewriting
Samson Oni, Zhiyuan Chen, Adina Crainiceanu, Donald Needham and Karuna Joshi
Research on the Synecological Model and Dynamic Evolution Mechanism of Service Internet
Zhixuan Jia, Shuangxi Huang and Yushun Fan
A Scenario-based Modeling Method for Crossover Services
Meng Xi, Jianwei Yin, Yongna Wei, Maolin Zhang, Shuiguang Deng and Ying Li
Bringing Semantics to Support Ocean FAIR Data Services with Ontologies
Xiaoli Ren, Xiaoyong Li, Kefeng Deng, Kaijun Ren, Aolong Zhou and Junqiang Song
Service Pattern Modeling and Simulation: A Case Study of Rural Taobao
Jintao Che, Jianwei Yin, Meng Xi, Siwei Tan, Yongna Wei and Shuiguang Deng
Tues 10/20

02:40 - 04:00
SCC Work-in-Progress Papers

Session Chair:
Honghao Gao, Shanghai University
A Swarm-based Approach for Function Placement in Federated Edges
Andrei Palade, Atri Mukhopadhyay, Aqeel Kazmi, Christian Cabrera, Evelyn Nomayo, Georgios Iosifidis, Marco Ruffini and Siobhan Clarke
A Pre-joined Service Composition Approach with Dynamic Services in a Graph Database
Jing Li, Ming Zhu, Miao Yu, Yuhong Yan and Lizhen Cui
Personality Traits Prediction Based on Users' Digital Footprints in Social Networks via Attention RNN
Shipeng Wang, Lizhen Cui, Lei Liu, Xudong Lu and Qingzhong Li
Characterizing Service Access Patterns under Heterogeneous Clients
Shuyu Zheng, Fuqi Lin, Xuan Lu, Yulian Yang, Hongfei Deng, Jun Zhang, Yun Ma and Xuanzhe Liu
Tues 10/20

07:00 - 08:20
AI@Scale in Services Computing

Session Chair:
Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Louisiana State University
BSE-MAML: Model Agnostic Meta-Reinforcement Learning via Bayesian Structured Exploration
Haonan Wang, Yiyun Zhang, Dawei Feng, Dongsheng Li and Feng Huang

The Research of Link Prediction in Knowledge Graph based on Distance Constraint
Linlu Wei and Fangfang Liu
D-colSimulation: A Distributed Approach for Frequent Graph Pattern Mining based on colSimulation in a Single Large Graph
Guanqi Hua, Lizhen Cui, Junhua Zhang, Wei Guo, Xudong Lu and Wei He

Tues 10/20

19:00 - 20:20
AI@Scale in Services Computing

Session Chair:
Jorge Sanz, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
MLP4ML: Machine Learning Service Recommendation System using MLP
Bayan Alghofaily and Chen Ding
A Knowledge Graph Approach to Mashup Tag Recommendation
Benjamin Kwapong, Richard Anarfi and Kenneth Fletcher
Graph Neural Network and Multi-view Learning Based Mobile Application Recommendation in Heterogeneous Graphs
Fenfang Xie, Zengxu Cao, Yangjun Xu, Liang Chen and Zibin Zheng
Tues 10/20

20:40 - 22:00
SCC Research Workshop

Session Chair:
Antonio Bucchiarone
SEED: Confidential Big Data Workflow Scheduling with Intel SGX Under Deadline Constraints
Ishtiaq Ahmed, Saeid Mofrad, Shiyong Lu, Changxin Bai, Fengwei Zhang and Dunren Che
OpenDT: A Reference Framework for Service Publication and Discovery Using Remote Programmable Digital Twins
Md Rakib Shahriar, Frank Liu, Md Mahfuzer Rahman and S M Nahian Al Sunny
Integrated Topic Modeling and User Interaction Enhanced WebAPI Recommendation using Regularized Matrix Factorization for Mashup Application Development
Md Mahfuzer Rahman and Xiaoqing Frank Liu
Wed 10/21

01:00 - 02:20
Scientific Workflows & Business Process Integration and Management

Session Chair:
Zongjie Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology
A Survey of Modern Scientific Workflow Scheduling Algorithms and Systems in the Era of Big Data
Junwen Liu, Shiyong Lu and Dunren Che
Data Provenance for Complex Event Processing Invoking Composition of Services
Malik Khalfallah and Parisa Ghodous
A Meta Model for Mining Processes from Email Data
Marwa Elleuch, Nour Assy, Nassim Laga, Walid Gaaloul, Oumaima Alaoui Ismaili and Boualem Benatallah
Wed 10/21

02:40 - 04:00
Scientific Workflows & Business Process Integration and Management

Session Chair:
Kenneth Fletcher, University of Massachusetts Boston
A Predictive-Trend-Aware and Critical-Path-Estimation Based Method for Workflow Scheduling Upon Cloud Services
Yi Pan, Xiaoning Sun, Yunni Xia, Wanbo Zheng and Xin Luo
Bootstrapping Natural Language Querying on Process Automation Data
Xue Han, Lianxue Hu, Jaydeep Sen, Ya Bin Dang, Bu Yu Gao, Vatche Isahagian, Chuan Lei, Vasilis Efthymiou, Fatma Ozcan, Abdul Quamar, Ziming Huang and Vinod Muthusamy
A Process Convergence Approach for Crossover Services based on Message Flow Partition and Merging
Yiwei Shan, Yu Qiao, Bing Li and Jian Wang
Wed 10/21

07:00 - 08:20
API Economy, Microservices, and Digital Service Composition

Session Chair:
Zhiying Tu, Harbin Institute of Technology
Survey on Requirement-Driven Microservice System Evolution
Zhongjie Wang, Xiang He, Lei Liu, Zhiying Tu and Hanchuan Xu
MV4MS: A Spring Cloud based Framework for the Co-Deployment of Multi-Version Microservices
Lei Liu, Xiang He, Zhiying Tu and Zhongjie Wang
Selection of Cloud Service Providers for Hosting Web Applications in a Multi-cloud Environment
Arun Ramamurthy, Saket Saurabh, Mangesh Gharote and Sachin Lodha
Wed 10/21

08:40 - 10:00
Service QoS, Lifecycle Management and DevOps

Session Chair:
Hui Ma, Victoria University of Wellington
Event-based Detection of Changes in IaaS Performance Signatures
Sheik Mohammad Mostakim Fattah and Athman Bouguettaya
Dynamic Task Allocation for Cost-Efficient Edge Cloud Computing
Shiyao Ding and Donghui Lin
PETA: Privacy Enabled Task Allocation
Nitin Ganesh Phuke, Saket Kumar Saurabh, Mangesh Sharad Gharote and Sachin P. Lodha
A Temporal-Spatial-Domain Distribution Model and Alignment Method for Quality Attributes
Zhongjie Wang, Min Li and Zhiying Tu
Wed 10/21

20:40 - 22:00
SCC 10
SCC Research Workshop

Session Chair:
Flavio De Paoli
Universita' Milano Bicocca
Seeding-Based Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-Cloud Composite Applications Deployment
Tao Shi, Hui Ma and Gang Chen
A Distance-based Genetic Algorithm for Robust Data-intensive Web Service Composition in Dynamic Bandwidth Environment
Soheila Sadeghiram, Hui Ma and Gang Chen
GPSO: A Graph-based Heuristic Algorithm for Service Function Chain Placement in Data Center Networks
Meng Niu, Bo Cheng and Jun-Liang Chen
Analytics on Health of Mobile Software Ecosystem Based on the Internal Operating Mechanism
Jianmao Xiao, Shizhang Chen, Shiping Chen, Chao Gao, Hongyue Wu, Xiao Xue and Zhiyong Feng
Thurs 10/22

01:00 - 02:20
SCC 11
Service QoS, Lifecycle Management, and DevOps

Session Chair:
Alfredo Goldman, Universidad De SaoPaulo
Credible and Online QoS Prediction for Services in Unreliable Cloud Environment
Yilei Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Peiyun Zhang and Jun Luo
A Reference Method for Performance Evaluation in Big Data Architectures
Wictor Martins, Bruno Kuehne, Rafael Sobrinho and Fabio Preti
Diversified QoS-Centric Service Recommendation for Uncertain QoS Preferences
Guosheng Kang, Jiaxun Liu, Buqing Cao and Yong Xiao
QoS-aware Automatic Service Composition Based on Service Execution Timeline with Multi-objective Optimization
Zhaoning Wang, Bo Cheng, Wenkai Zhang and Jun-Liang Chen
Thurs 10/22

02:40 - 04:00
SCC 12
Internet of Things as a Service

Session Chair:
Qiang He, Swinburne University of Technology
Incentive-based Selection and Composition of IoT Energy Services
Amani Abusafia, Athman Bouguettaya and Sajib Mistry
An IoT-owned Service for Global IoT Device Discovery, Integration and (Re)use
Anas Dawod Alrefaee, Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, Prem Prakash Jayaraman and Ampalavanapillai Nirmalathas
Fine-grained Conflict Detection of IoT Services
Dipankar Chaki and Athman Bouguettaya
Fluid Composition of Intermittent IoT Energy Services
Abdallah Lakhdari and Athman Bouguettaya
Thurs 10/22

08:40 - 10:00
Plenary Panel: Serviceology: Advancing Scientific Foundations for Modern Digital Services

Panel Chairs:
Kumar Bhaskaran
IBM Research, TJ Watson Research Center

Xiaofei Xu
Harbin Institute of Technology

Digital MC:
Sue Ann Chen


Carl K. Chang, Iowa State University

Rong N. Chang, IBM Research, TJ Watson Research Center

Bhavani Thuraisingham, University of Texas at Dallas
Thurs 10/22

13:00 - 14:20

SCC 13
Enterprise Services and Service Verticals

Session Chair:
Fei Fei Li, University of Utah & Alibaba
A Novel Data-to-Text Generation Model with Transformer Planning and a Wasserstein Auto-Encoder
Xiaohong Xu, Ting He and Huazhen Wang
FDA_VeD: A Future-Demand-Aware Vehicle Dispatching Service
Yang Guo, Weiliang Zhao, Jian Yang, Zizhu Zhang, Jia Wu and Tarique Anwar
Graph Neural Network and Multi-view Learning Based Mobile Application Recommendation in Heterogeneous Graphs
Fenfang Xie, Zengxu Cao, Yangjun Xu, Liang Chen ad Zibin Zheng
Ponzi Contracts Detection Based on Improved Convolutional neural Network
Yincheng Lou, Yanmei Zhang and Shiping Chen
Suitability-based Task Assignment in Crowdsourcing Markets
Pengwei Wang, Zhen Chen and Zhaohui Zhang
Thurs 10/22

14:40 - 16:00
SCC 14
Innovative Service Applications and Human-Centered Services

Session Chair:
Jun Shen, University of Wollongong
App Competition Matters: How to Identify Your Competitor Apps?
Md Kafil Uddin, Qiang He, Jun Han and Caslon Chua
Blockchain-based Controlled Information Sharing in Inter-organizational Workflows
Barbara Carminati, Elena Ferrari, Christian Rondanini and Federico Daidone
DeepRouting: A Deep Neural Network Approach for Ticket Routing in Expert Network
Jianglei Han and Aixin Sun
Adaptive Request Scheduling for Device Cloud
Han Dong, Enze Xu, Xiang Jing, Huaqian Cai and Gang Huang
User Portraits and Investment Planning Based on Accounting Data
Yibing Wu, Rongxuan Want, Wei Dai, Shixuan Dong, Xiaohe You, Huanxiong You and Lijie Liu

Thurs 10/22

19:00 - 20:20
Future of Financial Services Symposium - Session 1

Panel: New Frontiers in Financial Services

Session Chair:
Jorge Sanz, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Manju Seal, Head of Sustainable Finance, Advisory Bank of Montreal Capital Markets Group, NYC

Elena Yndurain, Senior Strategy Consultant

Steven Zhang, Ryerson University

Pavel Rahma, Data+AI Lead, BGS, IBM

Jochen Papenbrock, Financial Technology Customer & Partner Relationship Manager, EMEA - NVIDIA
Thurs Oct 22

20:40 - 22:00
Future of Financial Services Symposium - Session 2
New Financial Models and Blockchain Applications

Session Chair:
Yanmei Zhang
An Empirical Study of an Open Ecosystem Model for Inclusive Financial Services
Ko-Yang Wang, Grace Lin, Kevin Kuo, Han-Chao Lee, Brick Tsai, Webster Peng
Detecting Artifact Anomalies in Microservice-based Financial Applications
Faisal Fahmi, Pei-Shu Huang and Feng-Jian Wang
Fri 10/23

01:00 - 02:20
Future of Financial Services Symposium - Session 3

Panel: Future Financial Services Trends and Opportunities

Panel Chairs:
Grace Lin

Ko-Yang Wang

Jin-Chuan Duan, National University of Singapore

Zhaoying liu, Managing Director & Head of Assets Securitization, Agricultural Bank of China

Jason Hsu, Head of Legislative Advocacy, Blockchain & Climate Institute/Co-Chair, Taiwan FinTech Association
Fri 10/23

02:40 - 04:00
SCC 15
SCC Research Workshop

Session Chair:
Shuiguang Deng, Zhejiang University
A Blockchain-based Trustworthy Certification Process for Composite Services
Marco Anisetti, Claudio A. Ardagna, Barbara Carminati, Christian Rondanini, Elena Ferrari and Ernesto Damiani
Temporal-spatial-domanial Features Oriented Modeling Framework for Transboundary Service
Min Li, Zhiying Tu, Hanchuan Xu and Zhongjie Wang
JTang Dubhe: A Service Pattern Modeling and Analysis System
Jianwei Yin, Siwei Tan, Meng Xi, Jintao Chen, Yongna Wei and Shuiguang Deng
Domain Priori Knowledge Based Integrated Solution Design for Internet of Services
Hanchuan Xu, Xiao Wang, Yuxin Wang, Nan Li, Zhiying Tu, Zhongjie Wang and Xiaofei Xu
Fri 10/23

07:00 - 08:20
SCC 16
SCC Work-in-Progress Papers 2

Session Chair:
Honghao Gao, Shanghai University
Hybrid Architecture for Handwriting Perceptual Service based on Edge Computing
Tonghua Su and Zhongjie Wang
Multi-factor-based Motion Detection for Server Rack Doors Left Open
Ruriko Kudo, Yasuharu Katsuno and Fumiko Satoh
Automatic Cross-City API Matching for Urban Service Collaboration based on Semantics
Yongshen Long, Wuqiao Chen, Xutao Li and Yunming Ye
A Service Computing Framework for Proteomics Analysis and Collaboration of Pathogenic Mechanism Studies
Huaming Chen, Fucun Li, Geng Sun, Xuyun Zhang, Xianjun Dong, Lei Wang, Kewen Liao, Haifeng Shen and Jun Shen
Fri 10/23

08:40 - 10:00
SCC 17
SCC Work-In-Progress Papers 3

Session Chair:
Luciano Baresi, Polytechnic University of Milan
Summarization of Multidimensional Process Traces for Analysis Under Edit-distance Constraints
Phuong Nguyen, Vatche Ishakian, Vinod Muthusamy and Aleksander Slominski
Novel EEG Risk Framework to Identify Insider Threats in National Critical Infrastructure Using Deep Learning Techniques
Ahmed Al Hammadi, Chan Yeob Yeun and Ernesto Damiani
Towards a Methodology for Creating Internet of Things (IoT) Applications based on Microservices
Priscila Cedillo, Paola Pesantes-Cabrera, Edwin Cabrera and Paola Cardenas
desc2tag: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Mashup Tag Recommendation
Richard Anarfi, Benjamin Kwapong and Kenneth Fletcher
An Ethical Multi-Stakeholder Recommender System Based on Evolutionary Multi-Objective
Naime Ranjbar Kermany, Weiliang Zhao, Jian Yang, Jia Wu and Luiz Pizzato