IEEE SERVICES 2018 Best Papers

2018 Best Papers

Big Data Congress 2018

Best Paper: Compile-Time Code Generation for Embedded Data-Intensive Query Languages
Leonidas Fegaras and Md Hasanuzzaman Noor

Best Student Paper: Diagnosis Recommendation Using Machine Learning Scientific Workflows
Ishtiaq Ahmed, Shiyong Lu, Changxin Bai and Fahima Amin Bhuyan

CLOUD 2018

Best Paper: FIOS: Feature Based I/O Stream Identification for Improving Endurance of Multi-Stream SSDs
Janki Bhimani, Ningfang Mi, Zhengyu Yang, Jingpei Yang, Rajinikanth Pandurangan, Changho Choi and Vijay Balakrishnan

Best Student Paper: Toward Cost-effective Memory Scaling in Clouds: Symbiosis of Virtual and Physical Memory
Xinying Wang, Cong Xu, Ke Wang, Feng Yan and Dongfang Zhao

EDGE 2018

Best Paper: Towards Mission-Critical Control at the Edge and Over 5G
Per Skarin, William Tarneberg, Karl-Erik Arzen, Maria Kihl

ICCC 2018

Best Paper: Empowering First Responders through Automated Multimodal Content Moderation
Divam Gupta, Indira Sen, Niharika Sachdeva, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Arun Balaji Buduru

Best Student Paper: A Neural Network-Powered Cognitive Method of Identifying Semantic Entities in Earth Science Papers
Xiaoyi Duan, Jia Zhang, Rahul Ramachandran, Patrick Gatlin, Manil Maskey, Jeffrey J. Miller, Kaylin Bugbee, Tsengdar J. Lee

ICIOT 2018

Best Paper: Detecting Poisoning Attacks on Machine Learning in IoT Environments
Nathalie Baracaldo, Bryant Chen, Heiko Ludwig, Amir Safavi, Ruf Zhang

Best Student Paper: Design and Implementation of a COAP-based Broker for Heterogeneous M2M Applications
Simone Bolettieri and Raffaele Bruno

ICWS 2018

Best Paper: Confidential Business Process Execution on Blockchain
Barbara Carminati, Christian Rondanini, Elena Ferrari

Best Student Paper: PRNN: Piecewise Recurrent Neural Networks for Predicting the Tendency of Services Invocation
Haozhe Lin, Yushun Fan, Jia Zhang

SCC 2018

Best Paper: Modeling Sentiment Polarity in Support Ticket Data for Predicting Cloud Service Subscription Renewal
Kugamoorthy Gajananan, Pablo Loyola, Yasuharu Katsuno, Asim Munawar, Scott Trent, Satoh Fumiko

Best Student Paper: A Fluctuation-Aware Approach for Predictive Web Service Composition
Xiaoning Sun, Jiangchuan Chen, Yunni Xia, Qiang He, Yuandou Wang, Xin Luo, Rongqing Zhang, Wuhong Han, Quanwang Wu