IEEE Services 2018 2nd IEEE Women in Services Computing Workshop

2nd IEEE Women in Services Computing Workshop

To be held in the morning of Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Based on the success of our workshop in the last year, the 2nd IEEE Women in Services Computing Workshop will continue to provide an international forum for women who are passionate about gender equity in the field of services computing to explore the barriers and issues on underrepresentation, and models for increasing the pipeline. Our major goal is to build a lasting community on Women in Services Computing. Specially, we will enable the participants to be aware of and to be engaged in improving the environment for women in services computing careers. Participants will hear from expert female researchers and practitioners in the field about their personal and professional experiences.

Sponsored by IEEE Services Congress, the workshop will be held in the Grand Hyatt San Francisco, under the umbrella of IEEE Services Congress.

WISC 2018 Program

7/2/2018, Sequoia, Grand Hyatt San Francisco

Session 1: (8:30-10:00am)

Opening Welcome (5 min)
Jia Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University

Opening Keynote (20 min)
Why a Career in Services Computing/Cloud/Big Data/Cyber Security for a Woman? (Bhavani Thuraisingham, University of Texas Dallas)

TED Speeches (55 min)

  • Predictive Analytics (Shubhi Asthana, Research Staff Member & Software Engineer, IBM Almaden Research Center)
  • IoT in Connected Vehicle (Mari Abe, Research Staff Member and Software Engineer, IBM Japan)
  • Big Data in cyber Security (Pallabi Parveen, Software Engineer, AT&T)
  • Pattern Recognition in Canadian Armed Forces (Manchun Fang, Defense Scientist, Defense Research and Development Canada)
  • Model-driven Engineering in Cloud Computing (Stéphanie Challita, Ph.D. student, Inria & University of Lille)
  • AI-based IT Operations and Data Analytics (Fanjing Meng, Research Staff Member, IBM Research China)
  • Data Privacy (Liyue Fan, Faculty, University at Albany, SUNY)
  • Briefing Meninas Project – GeoBigdata (Maristela Holanda, Faculty, University of Brazil)

Session 2: (10:30am-12:00pm)

Panel (30 min)

  • Mari Abe, IBM Japan
  • Bhavani Thuraisingham, University of Texas Dallas
  • Shubhi Asthana, IBM Research
  • Jia Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University

Focused Group Discussions (40 min)

  • Research Collaboration Network
    • Moderator: Georgia Kapitsaki, University of Cyprus
  • Female in Services Computing Career o Moderator: Sana Belguith, The University of Auckland
  • Experience Sharing and Mentoring
    • Moderator: Franziska Schorr, Technical University of Denmark (Ph.D. student)

Focused Groups Report (15 min)

Closing (5 min)
Bhavani Thuraisingham, University of Texas Dallas

Session 3: (12:00-1:15pm)

Group Lunch (Location: OneUp Restaurant)

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