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VR 2007 07 Speaker and Poster Presenter Information 07 07

Presentation Lengths:

Full papers 30 min (25 min presentation, 5 min Q&A)
Sketch papers 18 min (15 min presentation, 3 min Q&A)


Audio Visual Equipment:

The conference will provide projectors, video cables, audio cables, and screens in all presentation rooms. Speakers are expected to use their own laptops to display their slides and other materials.


Speaker's Preparation Room :

The conference will provide a speaker preparation area in the Ardrey room from Saturday March 10 - Wednesday March 14. Speakers and presenters may use this room to test their laptop's connection to the projector and to practice their talks.


Poster Presenter's Information:

Posters should be prepared and printed on a single sheet of A1 paper (23x33 inches) in portrait orientation. Boards for hanging posters will be made available at the conference.


Powerpoint Templates:

A PowerPoint template for VR 2007 conference speakers is now available. The template is purely for presenters' convenience; use of the template is NOT required. The template is available for download as a PowerPoint design template (.pot) and as a standard PowerPoint presentation file (.ppt). Right-click on the links to download the files.