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Date/Time Session Session Chair Presentation
Mon 9/6

15:00 - 16:20 pm
UTC time
Cloud Security 1

Track: Security, Trust & Privacy
Alptekin Küpçü
Koç University
TRIGLAV: Remote Attestation of the Virtual Machine's Runtime Integrity in Public Clouds
Wojciech Ozga, Do Le Quoc and Christof Fetzer

Cloud Property Graph: Connecting Cloud Security Assessments with Static Code Analysis
Christian Banse, Immanuel Kunz, Angelika Schneider and Konrad Weiss

Secure k-Anonymization over Encrypted Databases
Manish Kesarwani, Akshar Kaul, Stefano Braghin, Naoise Holohan and Spiros Antonatos
Mon 9/6

16:30 - 17:50 pm
UTC time
Edge Analytics

Track: Cloud-Edge
Rajiv Ranjan
Newcastle University
AI Multi-Tenancy on Edge: Concurrent Deep Learning Model Executions and Dynamic Model Placements on Edge Devices
Piyush Subedi, Jianwei Hao, In Kee Kim and Lakshmish Ramaswamy

The Case for Adaptive Deep Neural Networks in Edge Computing
Francis McNamee, Schahram Dustdar, Peter Kilpatrick, Weisong Shi, Ivor Spence and Blesson Varghese

Primitives Enhancing GPU Runtime Support for Improved DNN Performance
Aditya Dhakal, Sameer G Kulkarni and K. K. Ramakrishnan
Mon 9/6

18:10 - 19:30 pm
UTC time
Privacy Preserving for Deep Learning

Track: Security, Trust & Privacy
Wensheng Zhang
Iowa State University
Non-interactive Privacy Preserving Recurrent Neural Network Prediction with Homomorphic Encryption
Robert Podschwadt and Daniel Takabi

Image Disguising for Protecting Data and Model Confidentiality in Outsourced Deep Learning
Sagar Sharma, A K M Mubashwir Alam and Keke Chen

Origami Inference: Private Inference Using Hardware Enclaves
Krishna Giri Narra, Zhifeng Lin, Yongqin Wang, Keshav Balasubramanian and Murali Annavaram
Tues 9/7

1:00 - 2:00 am
UTC time
Edge Applications I

Track: Cloud-Edge
BaekGyu Kim
ChatCache: A Hierarchical Semantic Redundancy Cache System for Conversational Services at Edge
Lanyu Xu, Arun Iyengar and Weisong Shi

Into Summarization Techniques for IoT Data Discovery Routing
Hieu Tran, Son Nguyen, I-Ling Yen and Farokh Bastani

Dynamic Edge-Twin Computing for Vehicle Tracking
Yuanda Wang, Shigang Chen, Ye Xia, Dimitrios Melissourgos and Haibo Wang
Tues 9/7

2:30 - 3:50 am
UTC time
AI for Cloud I

Track: AI in Cloud Software Engineering & Operations
Dimitris Apostolou
University of Piraeus
A system for proactive risk assessment of application changes in cloud operations
Raghav Batta, Michael Nidd, Larisa Shwartz, Amar Prakash Azad and Harshit Kumar

Causal Modeling based Fault Localization in Cloud Systems using Golden Signals
Pooja Aggarwal, Seema Nagar, Ajay Gupta, Larisa Shwartz, Prateeti Mohapatra, Amit Paradkar, Qing Wang and Atri Mandal

AI-Assisted Security Controls Mapping for Clouds Built for Regulated Workloads
Vikas Agarwal, Roy Bar-Haim, Lilach Eden, Nisha Gupta, Yoav Kantor and Arun Kumar
Tues 9/7

4:10 - 5:30 am
UTC time
Cloud Programming

Track: Cloud Programming
Joao Pedro Barreto
Universidade de Lisboa
Performance Evaluation of Asynchronous FaaS
David Balla, Markosz Maliosz and Csaba Simon

Efficient Processing of Streaming Data using Multiple Abstractions
Abdul Qadeer and John Heidemann

Optimizing Cloud Function Configuration via Local Simulations
Johannes Manner, Martin Endreß, Sebastian Böhm and Guido Wirtz
Tues 9/7

18:50 - 20:10 pm
UTC time
Invited I

Track: Invited
Claudio Ardagna
Università degli Studi di Milano
Supporting Real-Time T-Queries on Network Traffic with A Cloud-based Offloading Model
Yuanda Wang, Haibo Wang, Chaoyi Ma, Shigang Chen and Ye Xia

Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Edge Caching in 5G Networks
Yiming Zeng, Yaodong Huang, Zhenhua Liu, Ji Liu and Yuanyuan Yang

A Generalized Nesterov-accelerated Hessian-vector-based Latent Factor Analysis Model for QoS Prediction
Weiling Li, Xin Luo and Mengchu Zhou

Polaris Scheduler: Edge Sensitive and SLO Aware Workload Scheduling in Cloud-Edge-IoT Clusters
Stefan Nastic, Thomas Werner Pusztai, Andrea Morichetta, Victor Casamayor Pujol, Schahram Dustdar, Deepak Vij and Ying Xiong
Tues 9/7

20:20 - 21:40 pm
UTC time
Invited II

Track: Invited
Wensheng Zhang
Iowa State University
EdgePS: Selective Parameter Aggregation for Distributed Machine Learning in Edge Computing
Yangming Zhao, Yunfei Hou and Chunming Qiao

HPTMT: Operator-Based Architecture for Scalable High-Performance Data-Intensive Frameworks
Geoffrey Fox, Supun Kamburugamuve, Chathura Widanage, Niranda Perera, Vibhatha Abeykoon, Ahmet Uyar, Thejaka Amila Kanewala and Gregor von Laszewski

A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach to Resource Management in Hybrid Clouds Harnessing Renewable Energy and Task Scheduling
Jie Zhao, Maria A. Rodriguez and Rajkumar Buyya
Wed 9/8

1:00 - 2:20 am
UTC time
Machine/Federated Learning Security

Track: Security, Trust & Privacy
Liqiang Wang
University of Central Florida
Federated or Split? A Performance and Privacy Analysis of Hybrid Split and Federated Learning Architectures
Valeria Turina, Zongshun Zhang, Flavio Esposito and Ibrahim Matta

Knowledge and Learning-based Adaptable System for Sensitive Information Identification and Handling
Akshar Kaul, Manish Kesarwani, Hong Min and Qi Zhang

LEGATO: A LayerwisE Gradient AggregaTiOn Algorithm for Mitigating Byzantine Attacks in Federated Learning
Kamala Varma, Yi Zhou, Nathalie Baracaldo and Ali Anwar
Wed 9/8

2:30 - 3:50 am
UTC time
CLD 10
Cloud Security II

Track: Security, Trust & Privacy
Wensheng Zhang
Iowa State University
Prof-gen: Practical Study on System Call Whitelist Generation for Container Attack Surface Reduction
Sungjin Kim, Byoung-Joon Kim and Dong Hoon Lee

Integrity Protection for Kubernetes Resource Based on Digital Signature
Ruriko Kudo, Hirokuni Kitahara, Kugamoorthy Gajananan and Yuji Watanabe

Secure Offloading of Intrusion Detection Systems from VMs with Intel SGX
Tomoharu Nakano and Kenichi Kourai
Wed 9/8

4:10 - 5:30 am
UTC time
CLD 11
Cloud Infrastructure Services

Track: Cloud as a Service
Saurabh Garg
University of Tasmania
Flexible and Efficient Blockchain-Based Cloud Storage
Ying-Yu Pan, Yi Li, Ce-Yu Gao, Li Fang and Ping Chen

An Evaluation of Serverless Computing on X86 and ARM platforms: Performance and Design Implications
Dong Xie, Yang Hu and Li Qin

Agile and Dynamic Virtualized Network Functions Wiring in Network Services
Nour El Houda Nouar, Sami Yangui, Noura Faci, Khalil Drira and Said Tazi
Wed 9/8

5:40 - 7:00 am
UTC time
CLD 12
Cloud HPC I

Part of the Cloud HPC Symposia
Christoph Hagleitner
IBM Zurich
A Case for Function-as-a-Service with Disaggregated FPGAs
Burkhard Ringlein, Francois Abel, Dionysios Diamantopoulos, Beat Weiss, Christoph Hagleitner, Marc Reichenbach and Dietmar Fey

T2FA: A Heuristic Algorithm for Deadline-constrained Workflow Scheduling in Cloud with Multicore Resource
Zaixing Sun, Chonglin Gu, Honglin Zhang and Hejiao Huang
Wed 9/8

16:30 - 17:50 pm
UTC time
CLD 13
Cloud Platform Services I

Track: Cloud as a Service
Chirine Ghedira Guegan
IAE-Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University
Towards Consistent VNF Forwarding Graph Reconfiguration in Multi-domain Environments
Josue Castañeda, Sami Yangui, Saul Pomares, Julio César Pérez Sansalvador, Lil María Rodríguez and Khalil Drira

Impact of Distributed Rate Limiting on Load Distribution in a Latency-sensitive Messaging Service
Chong Li, Jiangnan Liu, Chenyang Lu, Roch Guerin and Christopher Gill

Oasis: Performance Matching IoT System Emulation
Navid Alipour, Mea Wang and Diwakar Krishnamurthy
Wed 9/8

19:40 - 21:00 pm
UTC time
CLD 14
Cloud Performance

Track: Cloud Operations Management
Rajiv Ranjan
Newcastle University
Cost-Effective Dynamic Optimisation for Multi-Cloud Queries
Damien T. Wojtowicz, Shaoyi Yin, Franck Morvan and Abdelkader Hameurlain

An Empirical Analysis of VM Startup Times in Public IaaS Clouds
Jianwei Hao, Ting Jiang, Wei Wang and In Kee Kim

Theta-Scan: Leveraging Behavior-Driven Forecasting for Vertical Auto-Scaling in Container Cloud
Josep Lluis Berral-García, David Buchaca, Claudia Herron, Chen Wang and Alaa Youssef
Thurs 9/9

1:00 - 2:00 am
UTC time
CLD 15
Cloud Middleware & Platforms

Track: Cloud Operations Management
Nabil El Ioini
Free University of Bozen
A Novel Middleware for Efficiently Implementing Complex Cloud-Native SLO
Thomas Werner Pusztai, Stefan Nastic, Andrea Morichetta, Víctor Casamayor Pujol, Schahram Dustdar, Xiaoning Ding, Deepak Vij and Ying Xiong

Energy and Expenditure Aware data Replication Strategy
Morgan Séguéla, Riad Mokadem and Jean-Marc Pierson

A Mechanism Design and Learning Approach for Revenue Maximization on Cloud Dynamic Spot Markets
Asterios Tsiourvas, Constantinos Bitsakos, Ioannis Konstantinou, Dimitris Fotakis and Nectarios Koziris
Thurs 9/9

2:30 - 3:50 am
UTC time
CLD 16
Cloud Infrastructures I

Track: Infrastructures, Systems & Architectures
Hui Lu
Binghamton University
SODA: A Semantics-Aware Optimization Framework for Data-Intensive Applications Using Hybrid Program Analysis
Bingbing Rao, Zixia Liu, Hong Zhang, Siyang Lu and Liqiang Wang

Characterizing Loop Acceleration in Heterogeneous Computing
Saman Biookaghazadeh, Fengbo Ren and Ming Zhao

HPKS: High Performance Kubernetes Scheduling for Dynamic Blockchain Workloads in Cloud Computing
Zhenwu Shi, Chenming Jiang, Landu Jiang and Xue Liu
Thurs 9/9

4:10 - 5:30 am
UTC time
CLD 17
Cloud Infrastructures II

Track: Infrastructures, Systems & Architectures
Qinghua Li
University of Arkansas
Optimizing VMs across Multiple Hosts with Transparent and Consistent Tracking of Unused Memory
Soichiro Tauchi, Kenichi Kourai and Lukman Ab Rahim

Architecture-Specific Perfrmance Optimization of Compute-Intensive FaaS Functions
Mohak Chadha, Anshul Jindal and Michael Gerndt

Exploiting Sub-page Write Protection for VM Live Migration
Yosuke Ozawa and Takahiro Shinagawa

Performance Evaluation of Data-Centric Workloads in Serverless Environments
Anna Maria Nestorov, Jordà Polo, Claudia Misale, David Carrera and Alaa S. Youssef
Thurs 9/9

18:10 - 19:30 pm
UTC time

CLD 18
Cloud Platform Services II

Track: Cloud as a Service
Javier Espinosa
University of Lyon
Real-time task scheduling in a FaaS cloud
Mark Szalay, Peter Matray and Laszlo Toka

RDOF: Deployment Optimization for Function as a Service
Lulai Zhu, Giorgos Giotis, Vasilis Tountopoulos and Giuliano Casale

Fast and Efficient Performance Tuning of Microservices
Vahid Mirzaebrahim Mostofi, Diwakar Krishnamurthy and Martin Arlitt

Understanding Flash-Based Storage I/O Behavior of Games
Adnan Maruf, Zhengyu Yang, Bridget Davis, Daniel Kim, Jeffrey Wong, Matthew Durand and Janki Bhimani
Thurs 9/9

19:40 - 21:00 pm
UTC time
CLD 19
Cloud Resource Management I

Track: Cloud Operations Management
Nabil El Ioini
Free University of Bozen
Skynet: Performance-driven Resource Management for Dynamic Workloads
Yannis Sfakianakis, Manolis Marazakis and Angelos Bilas

Fundy: A Scalable and Extensible Resource Manager for Cloud Resources
Xiaodi Ke, Cong Guo, Siqi Ji, Shane Bergsma, Zhenhua Hu and Lei Guo

QoS-Aware Memory Bandwidth Allocation for Multi-Socket Cloud Servers
David Gureya, João Barreto and Vladimir Vlassov
Fri 9/10

1:00 - 2:20 am
UTC time
CLD 20
AI for Cloud II

Track: AI in Cloud Software Engineering & Operations
Xin Luo
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Detecting Causal Structure on Cloud Application Microservices Using Granger Causality Models
Qing Wang, Larisa Shwartz, Genady Ya. Grabarnik, Vijay Arya, and Karthikeyan Shanmugam

NL2Vul: Natural Language to Standard Vulnerability Score for Cloud Security Posture Management
Muhammed Bulut and Jinho Hwang

Ensemble of Unsupervised Parametric and Non-Parametric Techniques to Discover Change Actions
Anup Kalia, Raghav Batta, Jin Xiao and Maja Vukovic

Energy-Aware Learning Agent (EALA) for Disaggregated Cloud Scheduling
Nicholas Nordlund, Vassilis Vassiliadis, Michele Gazzetti, Dimitris Syrivelis and Leandros Tassiulas
Fri 9/10

2:30 - 3:50 am
UTC time
CLD 21
Mobile Edge

Track: Cloud-Edge
Adel N. Toosi
Monash University
Latency-aware Batch Task Offloading for Vehicular Cloud: Maximizing Submodular Bandit
Hao Li, Haitao Huang and Zhuzhong Qian

Quality-Aware Video Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing: A Data-Driven Two-Stage Stochastic Optimization
Weibin Ma and Lena Mashayekhy
Fri 9/10

4:10 - 5:30 am
UTC time
CLD 22
Cloud Resource Management

Track: Cloud Operations Management
Nabil El Ioini
Free University of Bozen
A Cost-Efficient Resource Provisioning and Scheduling Approach for Deadline-Sensitive MapReduce Computations in Cloud Environment
Amir Jabbari, Farzaneh Masoumiyan, Shuwen Hu, Maolin Tang and Yu-Chu Tian

RunWild: Resource Management System with Generalized Modeling for Microservices on Cloud
Sunyanan Choochotkaew, Tatsuhiro Chiba, Scott Trent and Marcelo Amaral

Rightsizing Clusters for Time-Limited Tasks
Venkatesan T Chakaravarthy, Padmanabha Venkatagiri Seshadri, Pooja Aggarwal, Anamitra R Choudhury, Ashok Pon Kumar Sree Prakash, Yogish Sabharwal and Amith Singhee
Fri 9/10

5:40 - 7:00 am
UTC time
CLD 23
Cloud Analytics

Track: Cloud Operations Management
Prem Jayaraman
Swinburne University
Para: Harvesting CPU time fragments in Big Data Analytics
Yuzhao Wang, Junqing Yu and Zhibin Yu

Towards A Robust Meta-ReinforcementLearning-Based Scheduling Framework for Time Critical Tasks in Cloud Environments
Hongyun Liu, Peng Chen and Zhiming Zhao

DLB: Deep Learning Based Load Balancing
Xiaoke Zhu

A Holistic Approach to Data Access for Cloud-Native Analytics and Machine Learning
Panos Koutsovasilis, Srikumar Venugopal, Yiannis Gkoufas and Christian Pinto
Fri 9/10

18:10 - 19:30 pm
UTC time
CLD 24
Edge Applications II

Track: Cloud-Edge
Ming Zhao
Arizona State University
Pogonip: Scheduling Asynchronous Applications on the Edge
Thomas Werner Pusztai, Fabiana Rossi and Schahram Dustdar

Air-to-Air Collaborative Learning: A Multi-Task Orchestration in Federated Aerial Computing
Uchechukwu Awada, Jiankang Zhang, Sheng Chen and Shuangzhi Li

Distributing intelligence for object detection using edge computing
Imen Chakroun, Tom Vander Aa, Roel Wuyts and Wilfried Verachtert
Sat 9/11

1:00 - 2:20 am
UTC time
CLD 25
Cloud HPC II

Part of the Cloud HPC Symposia
Andrew Lumsdaine
University of Washington
Usage Trends Aware VM Placement in Academic Research Computing Clouds
Mohamed Elsakhawy and Michael Bauer

Neon: Low-Latency Streaming Pipelines for HPC
Pierre Matri and Robert Ross
Sat 9/11

2:30 - 3:50 am
UTC time
CLD 26

Work in Progress
Prem Jayaraman
Swimburne University
ACA: Application Containerization Advisory Framework for Modernizing Legacy Applications
Anup Kalia, Raghav Batta, Jin Xiao, Mihir Choudhury and Maja Vukovic

Edge Service Deployment via Online Learning
Ahmad Almansoor and Lena Mashayekhy
Sat 9/11

4:10 - 5:30 am
UTC time
CLD 27

Work in Progress
Joao Pedro Barreto
Universidade de Lisboa
Insights into Multi-Layered Fault Propagation and Analysis in a Cloud Stack
Dhanya R. Mathews, Mudit Verma, Pooja Aggarwal and J. Lakshmi

Konveyor Move2Kube: Automated Replatforming of Applications to Kubernetes
Padmanabha Venkatagiri Seshadri, Harikrishnan Balagopal, Pablo Salvador Loyola Heufemann, Akash Nayak, Chander Govindarajan, Mudit Verma, Ashok Pon Kumar Sree Prakash and Amith Singhee

Exploring the Network-Sensitive Scheduling on Distributed Shared Memory
Xing Wei, Huiqi Hu and Aoying Zhou
Sat 9/11

5:40 - 7:00 am
UTC time
CLD 28

Work in Progress
Nabil El Ioini
Free University of Bozen
An Automata–based Profit Optimization of Cloud Brokers in IaaS Environment
Jakub Gąsior and Franciszek Seredynski

Acceleration-as-a-microService: A Cloud-native Monte-Carlo Option Pricing Engine on CPUs, GPUs and Disaggregated FPGAs
Dionysios Diamantopoulos, Raphael Polig, Burkhard Ringlein, Mitra Purandare, Beat Weiss, Christoph Hagleitner, Mark Lantz and Francois Abel

Performance Analysis of Zero-Trust multi-cloud
Simone Rodigari, Donna O'Shea and Sean McSweeney