IEEE ICDH 2021 - Technical Program

ICDH Technical Program

Conference code: CHD
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Date Time Session Chair Presentation
Mon 9/6 15:00 - 16:20 pm UTC

Regular Papers
Farhana Zulkernine
Queen's University
Architecture of an Intelligent Personal Health Library for Improved Health Outcomes
Hasan Jamil
Lung Cancer Prediction using Curriculum Learning based Deep Neural Networks
Jackson Zhou, Matloob Khushi, Mohammad Ali Moni, Shahadat Uddin and Simon Poon
Grading Diabetic Retinopathy Severity Using Image Processing and Ensembled Convolution Neural Networks
Andrew Lee, Matloob Khushi, Patrick Hao, Shahadat Uddin and Simon Poon
Mon 9/6 16:30 - 17:50 pm UTC

Regular Papers
Hasan Jamil
University of Idaho
Risk and Compliance in IoT-Health Data Propagation : A Security-Aware Provenance based Approach
Fariha Tasmin Jaigirdar, Carsten Rudolph and Chris Bain
Secure Cloud EHR with Semantic Access Control, Searchable Encryption and Attribute Revocation
Redwan Walid, Karuna Joshi and Seung Geol Choi
Mon 9/6 18:10 - 19:30 pm UTC

Regular Papers
Carson Leung
University of Manitoba
BIOCAD: Bio-inspired Optimization for Classification and Anomaly Detection in Digital Healthcare Systems
Nur Imtiazul Haque, Alvi Ataur Khalil, Mohammad Rahman, M. Hadi Amini and Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
Do You Brush Your Teeth Properly? An Off-body Sensor-based Approach for Toothbrushing Monitoring.
Zawar Hussain, David Waterworth, Murtadha Aldeer, Wei Emma Zhang, Quan Z Sheng and Jorge Ortiz
A Digital Health System for Disease Analytics
Carson Leung
Mon 9/6 19:40 - 21:00 pm UTC

Regular Papers
Mohammad Rahman
Florida International University
Passive COVID-19 Assessment using Machine Learning on Physiological and Activity Data from Low End Wearables
Atifa Sarwar and Emmanuel Agu
An IoT System for Autonomous, Continuous, Real-Time Patient Monitoring and Its Application to Pressure Injury Management
Sam Mansfield, Eric Vin and Katia Obraczka
Exploring Relationships between Cerebral and Peripheral Biosignals with Neural Networks
Alexander Hatteland, Ričards Marcinkevičs, Thomas Frick, Ilona Hubbard, Julia E. Vogt, Renaud Marquis, Thomas Brunschwiler and Philippe Ryvlin
Tues 9/7 1:00 - 2:20 am UTC

Regular Papers
Emmanuel Agu
Worcester Polytechnic University
Deep Learning Anomaly Detection methods to passively detect COVID-19 from Audio
Shreesha Narasimha Murthy and Emmanuel Agu
Smartphone TBI Sensing using Deep Embedded Clustering and Extreme Boosted Outlier Detection
Srinarayan Srikanthan, Florina Asani, Bhoomi Kalpesh Patel and Emmanuel Agu
Remote Photoplethysmography Heart Rate Variability Detection Using Signal to Noise Ratio Bandpass Filtering
Lin He, Kazi Shafiul Alam, Jiachen Ma, Eric Burkholder, William Cheng Chung Chu, Anik Iqbal and Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
Tues 9/7 2:30 - 3:50 am UTC

Short Papers
Richie Oyeleke
Stevens Institute of Technology
Preictal onset detection through unsupervised clustering for epileptic seizure prediction
Alessio Quercia, Thomas Frick, Fabian Egli, Nick Pullen, Isabelle Dupanloup, Jianbin Tang, Umar Asif, Stefan Harrer and Thomas Brunschwiler
Physical Exercise Recommendation and Success Prediction Using Interconnected Recurrent Neural Networks
Arash Mahyari and Peter Pirolli
Putting Process (BPMN) and Decision (DMN) Models to Work: a Pediatric Surgery Case Study
Anna Maria Bianchi, Matteo Mortari, Claudio Pintavalle and Giuseppe Pozzi
Tues 9/7 4:10 - 5:30 am UTC

Short Papers
Giuseppe De Pietro
Multi-task Learning Based on Multi-type Dataset for Retinal Abnormality Detection
Linna Zhao, Jianqiang Li, Zerui Ma, Yu Guan, Xi Xu, Li Zhang and Li Li
Engineering Continuous Monitoring of Intrinsic Capacity for Elderly People
Valerio Bellandi, Ioannis Basdekis, Paolo Ceravolo, Matteo Cesari, Ernesto Damiani, Eleftheria Iliadou, Mircea Marzan and Samira Maghool
An Adaptable LSTM Network Predicting COVID-19 Occurrence Using Time Series Data
Anthony Li and Nikhil Yadav
A Novel Pre-processing Method for Classification Problems in Medical Intelligent Tasks*
Haochen Jiang, Ziqi Wei and Jun Chen
Tues 9/7 18:50 - 19:30 pm UTC


Distingushed Talk
Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
Marquette University
Wendy Nilson, National Science Foundation
The Future of Smart Health in the Wake of a Pandemic
Tues 9/7 19:30 - 20:10 pm UTC

Panel Discussion
The Future of Digital Health: Vision & Challenges
Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
Marquette University
Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Marquette University
Wendy Nilson, NSF
Kathy Chang, The University of New Mexico
Ajay Royyuru, IBM
Santosh Kumar, The University of Memphis
Tues 9/7 20:20 - 21:40 pm UTC

Short Papers
Maria Valero
Kennesaw State University
Finding Similar Tweets in Health Related Topics
Danny Villanueva and Manuel Rodriguez
PyDPLib: Python Differential Privacy Library for Private Medical Data Analytics
Sana Imtiaz, Philipp Matthies, Francisco Pinto, Máté Maros, Holger Wenz, Ramin Sadre and Vladimir Vlassov
COVID-19 Mortality Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques
Lindsay Schirato, Kennedy Makina, Dwayne Flanders, Seyedamin Pouriyeh and Hossain Shahriar
A decision support system for rehabilitation
Mauro Maria Baldi, Bruno Giovanni Galuzzi, Fabrizia Mantovani, Petar Aleksandov Mavrodiev, Enza Messina and Olivia Realdon
Wed 9/8 1:00 - 2:20 am UTC

CDH 10
Shahrear Iqbal
National Research Council, Canada
A Software Simulator for Optimizing Ambulance Location and Response Time: A Preliminary Report
David La Barbera, Kevin Roitero, Stefano Mizzaro, Vincenzo Della Mea and Francesca Valent
A Framework for Secure Logging in Precision Healthcare Cloud-based Services
Shahrear Iqbal, Parisa Moghaddam and Issa Traore
A Wireless Single Lead ECG Module for Cloud-Computing Based Postoperative Monitoring of Cardiac Surgical Patients
Ravi Durbha and Valencia Koomson
Deep Learning-based Prediction of Cognitive Function Using Basic Blood Test Data and NIRS-measured Cerebral Hemodynamics
Katsunori Oyama and Kaoru Sakatani
Wed 9/8 2:30 - 3:50 am UTC

CDH 11

Panel Discussion
Biomedical Sciences
Li-Shan Chou
Iowa State University
Panel Discussion: Advances in Biomedical Sciences & Engineering for Digital Healthcare

Fong-Chin Su, National Cheng Kung University
Tishya Wren, Children's Hospital Los Angeles; University of Southern California
Rick Greenwald, Simbex; iWalk; National Institute for Sports Science & Safety; Dartmouth College
Joe Bonner, NIH
Yoshiyuki Kobayashi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology
Wed 9/8 4:10 - 5:30 am UTC

CDH 12
Lin Liu
Tsinghua University
Towards an ABAC Break-Glass to access EMRs in case of emergency based on Blockchain
Mohammad Ali Saberi, Mehdi Adda, Hamid Mcheick
A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Length of Stay for Opioid Overdose Admitted Patients
Jiawei Wu, Priyanka Annapureddy, Zach Farahany and Praveen Madiraju
A Portable Microfluidic Immuno-biochip Platform for Oral Cancer Biomarker Detection
Hua En Chueh
Non-Invasive Monitoring of Human Hygiene using Vibration Sensor and Classifiers
Shashank Trivedi, Maria Valero, Hossain Shahriar and Liang Zhao
Framework for Collecting Data from specialized IoT devices - An application to enhance Healthcare Systems
Md Saiful Islam, Shahriar Sobhan, Maria Valero, Hossain Shahriar, Liang Zhao and Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
Wed 9/8 5:40 - 7:00 am UTC

CDH 13
Invited Papers
Lin Liu
Tsinghua University
An Investigation of Containment Measure Implementation and Public Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Mainland China
Ji Liu, Haoyi Xiong, Xiakai Wang, Jizhou Huang, Qiaojun Li, Tongtong Huang, Siyu Huang, Haifeng Wang and Dejing Dou
Intelligent Health Information Services Requirements Revisited from an Actor Perspective
Zhangqiang Cao and Jianmin Wang
Enabling Tiered and Coordinated Services in a Health Community of Primary Care Facilities and County Hospitals Based on HL7 FHIR
Jingwen Nan, Li-Qun Xu, Qingsong Wang, Changyu Bu, Jianjun Ma and Feng Qiao
Wed 9/8 16:30 - 17:50 pm UTC

CDH 14

Distinguished Talk
Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed
Marquette University
Dana Wolff-Hughes
Leveraging Digital Technologies for Population Surveillance: Opportunities And Challenges
Wed 9/8 19:40 - 21:00 pm UTC

CDH 15
Invited Papers
Farhana Zulkernine
Queen's University
Knowledge Graph Building from Real-world Multi-source “Dirty” Clinical Electronic Medical Records for Intelligent Consultation Applications
Xinlong Liu and Li-Qun Xu
Clinical de-identification using sub-document analysis and ELECTRA
Rosario Catelli, Francesco Gargiulo, Emanuele Damiano, Massimo Esposito and Giuseppe De Pietro
Which Usability Assessment for Digital Therapeutics and Patient Support Programs?
Mario Bochicchio, Lucia Vaira, Andrea Mortara and Renata De Maria
Thu 9/9 1:00 - 2:20 am UTC

CDH 16

Panel Discussion
Education for Digital Health
Lin Liu
Tsinghua University
Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Marquette University
Carl Chang, Iowa State University
Giuseppe De Pietro, CNR
Benjamin Kwan, Queen's University
Sweta Sneha, Kennesaw State University
Thu 9/9 2:30 - 3:50 am UTC

CDH 17
Invited Papers
Session 3
Hossain Shahriar
Kennesaw State University
Analyzing Security and Privacy Concerns of Contact Tracing Applications
Lorna Migiro, Hossain Shahriar and Sweta Sneha
A Statistical Summary Analysis of Window-Based Extracted Features for EEG Signal Classification
Mohammad Masum, Hossain Shahriar, Hisham Haddad and Wenzhan Song
Towards Blockchain-based Secure Data Management for Remote Patient Monitoring
Jobair Hossain, Hossain Shahriar, Maria Valero, Sweta Sneha, Sheikh Ahamed and Mohammad Rahman
Thu 9/9 18:10 - 19:20 pm UTC

CDH 18
Invited Papers
Session 4
Hossain Shahriar
Kennesaw State University
A Novel Telemedicine System to Traditional Tongue Examination for Chinese Medical Applications
Lisa Li-Chuan Chen, Shen-Kai Wang, Tse-Yu Lin, Ling-Feng Huang, Men-Tzung Lo and Chien-Chang Chen
Use of Musculoskeletal Modeling to Examine Lower Limb Muscle Contribution to Gait Balance Control: Effects of Overweight
Hyun Kyung Kim and Li-Shan Chou
Minimizing Epidemic Viral Total Exposure under the Droplet and Aerosol Models
Abdalaziz Sawwan and Jie Wu
Thu 9/9 19:40 - 21:00 pm UTC

CDH 19

Panel Discussion
How 2020 Changed the Future of Digital Health
Rajesh Subramanyan
Khan Siddiqui, Hyperfine
Ashutosh Banerjee, GE Healthcare
Rhonda Rhyne, Prevencio, Inc
Srinivasan Krishnan, Greenway Health
Hiroki Takakura, Nagoya University
Fri 9/10 1:00 - 2:20 am UTC

CDH 20

Panel Discussion
NSF Digital Health Priorities and Student Grant Awards (Sponsored by the US National Science Foundation)
Zeno Franco
Medical College of Wisconsin
Maria Valero, Kennesaw State University
Hyunkyoung Oh, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Farhana Zulkernine, Queen's University
Fri 9/10 2:30 - 3:50 am UTC

CDH 21

Distinguished Talks
Lin Liu
Tsinghua University
WiFi-based Contactless Human Sensing: Theory and Healthcare Applications
Daqing Zhang, Peking University
From Personalized Medicine to Population Health: an mHealth Sensing Approach
Haoyi Xiong, Big Data Laboratory, Baidu Research