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VR 2007 07 Program: Research Demos 07 07


1. Mixed and Immersive Realities at FX Palo Alto Laboratory
Maribeth Back, Anthony Dunnigan, Jonathan Foote, Sagar Gattepally, Bee Liew, Jim Vaughan (FX Palo Alto, USA)

2. Live Effect Control for VR
Matthias Haringer, Steffi Beckhaus (University of Hamburg, Germany)

3. Art In Virtual Reality 2010
Ben Chang (School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA)

4. A Game to Train Drivers in Hazard Detection
Na Chen, Tanvi Chitnis, Beverly Jaeger, Ronald R. Mourant (Northeastern University, USA)

5. Quick Response Video See-through HMD with Reflex Compensation
Yuichiro Hayakawa, Yuichi Mouri, Ryugo Kijima (Gifu University, Japan)

6. SPIDAR-G & SPIDAR-mouse - Promoting String-based Haptic Devices
Masaharu Isshiki, Katsuhito Akahane and Makoto Sato (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

7. Modulating Real Object Stiffness for Haptic Augmented Reality
Seokhee Jeon, Seungmoon Choi (Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)

8. Image Space: A Mirror World Based Social Media Sharing Service
David Murphy, Severi Uusitalo (Nokia, Finland)

9. Virtually Augmenting Hundreds of Real Pictures: An Approach based on Learning, Retrieval, and Tracking
Julien Pilet, Hideo Saito (Keio University, Japan)

10. The ultimate display – yet another try
Pedro Santos, Thomas Gierlinger, Hendrik Schmedt (Fraunhofer IGD, Germany)
O.Machui (Trivisio GmbH, Germany)
André Stork (TU-Darmstadt, Germany)

11. Tangible Sports based on Integration of Virtual World and Real World
Muhammad Rusdi Syamsuddin, Chang-Hyeon Lee, Jong-Phil Kim, Yong-Moo Kwon (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

12. An AR training platform for skills transfer involved in Industrial Maintenance and Assembly Tasks
Sabine Webel, Timo Engelke, Ulrich Bockholt (Fraunhofer IGD, Germany)
Franco Tecchia (PERCRO, Italy)
Carsten Preusche (German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany)
Nirit Gavish (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)

13. Real-time Panoramic Mapping and Tracking on Mobile Phones
Daniel Wagner, Alessandro Mulloni, Tobias Langlotz, Dieter Schmalstieg (Graz University of Technology, Austria)