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VR 2007 07 Program: Posters 07 07

1 The Effect of Tiled Display on Performance in Multi-Screen Immersive Virtual Environments
Anton Agana, Megha Davalath, Ann McNamara, Frederic Parke
2 Context Sensitive Interaction Interoperability for Distributed Virtual Environments
Hussein Ahmed, Denis Gračanin, Peter Radics
3 Portable Non-Player Character Tutors with Quest Activities
Jafar Al-Gharaibeh, Clinton Jeffery
4 Virtual Equine Assisted Therapy
Fraser Anderson, Michelle Annett, Walter F. Bischof, Pierre Boulanger
5 Evaluation of tracking robustness in real time panorama acquisition
Christopher Coffin, Sehwan Kim, Tobias Höllerer
6 Simulating Soft Tissues using a GPU approach of the Mass-Spring Model
Christian Andres Diaz Leon, Steven Eliuk, Helmuth Trefftz Gomez
7 CAGRA: Optimal Parameter Setting and Rendering Method for Occlusion-capable Automultiscopic Three-Dimensional Display
Yusuke Doyama, Atsushi Kodama, Tomohiro Tanikawa, Kazuyoshi Tagawa, Koichi Hirota, Michitaka Hirose
8 Comparative Study of the Performances of Several Haptic Modalities for a 3D Menu
Caroline Essert, Antonio Capobianco
9 Astrojumper: Designing a Virtual Reality Exergame to Motivate Children with Autism to Exercise
Samantha L. Finkelstein, Andrea Nickel, Tiffany Barnes, Evan A. Suma
10 Comparative User Study of two See-through Calibration Methods
Jens Grubert, Johannes Tuemle, Ruediger Mecke, Michael Schenk
11 Evaluation of Training Effect of Tooth Scaling Simulator by Measurement of Operation Force
Nobuyoshi Hashimoto, Hideo Kato, Kyohei Matsui
12 Show Some Respect! The Impact of Technological Factors on the Treatment of Virtual Humans in Conversational Training Systems
Kyle Johnsen, Brent Rossen, Diane Beck, Benjamin Lok, D. Scott Lind
13 An Image-based System for Sharing a 3D Object by Transmitting to Remote Locations
Tetsuya Kikukawa, Yoshifumi Kitamura, Tsubasa Ohno, Satoshi Sakurai, Tokuo Yamaguchi, Fumio Kishino, Yutaka Kunita, Megumi Isogai, Hideaki Kimata, Norihiko Matsuura
14 VirtualizeMe: Real-time Avatar Creation for Tele-Immersion Environments
Daniel Knoblauch, Pau Moreno Font, Falko Kuester
15 Augmenting Virtual Worlds with Real-life Data from Mobile Devices
Heikki Laaki, Karel Kaurila, Karl Ots, Vik Nuckchady, Petros Belimpasakis
16 An Experimental Analysis of Social Traps: A Second Life Analog
Shaimaa Lazem, Denis Gračanin
17 Network Streaming of Dynamic 3D Content with On-line Compression of Frame Data
Giuseppe Marino, Paolo Simone Gasparello, Davide Vercelli, Franco Tecchia, Massimo Bergamasco
18 On the Effect of Airflow on Odor Presentation
Haruka Matsukura, Akira Ohno, Hiroshi Ishida
19 Second Skin: Motion Capture with Actuated Feedback for Motor Learning
Dennis Miaw, Ramesh Raskar
20 An Augmented Reality View on Mirror World Content, with Image Space
David J. Murphy, Markus Kähäri, Ville-Veikko Mattila
21 Visual and Tactile Information to Improve Drivers' Performance
Shin’ichi Onimaru, Michiteru Kitazaki
22 Endoscopic Endonasal Haptic Surgery Simulator Prototype: A Rigid Endoscope Model
Byron Pérez-Gutiérrez, Diana Marcela Martinez, Oscar Ernesto Rojas
23 Simulating Hearing Loss in Virtual Training
Ramy Sadek, David M. Krum,  Mark Bolas
24 Design and Evaluation of a Haptic Tactile Actuator to Simulate Rough Textures
Roopkanwal Samra, David Wang, Mehrdad Hosseini Zadeh
25 Mixed Reality in the Loop - Design Process for Interactive Mechatronical Systems
Jörg Stöcklein, Christian Geiger, Volker Paelke
26 Exploiting Change Blindness to Expand Walkable Space in a Virtual Environment
Evan A. Suma, Seth Clark, Samantha L. Finkelstein, Zachary Wartell
27 Evaluating Haptic Feedback in Virtual Environments using ISO 9241-9
Robert J. Teather, Daniel Natapov, Michael Jenkin
28 Human-of-Interest Tracking by Integrating Two Heterogeneous Vision Sensors
Taeyoung Uhm, Hanhoon Park,  Dongkyun Seo, Jong-Il Park
29 An Extensible Mirror World from User-Generated Content
Severi Uusitalo, Peter Eskolin, Yu You, Petros Belimpasakis
30 The Virtual Factory: Exploring 3D worlds as industrial collaboration and control environments
Maribeth Back, Timothy Childs, Anthony Dunnigan, Jonathan Foote, Sagar Gattepally, Bee Liew, Jun Shingu, Jim Vaughan
31 Lightweight Bleeding and Smoke Effect for Surgical Simulators
Tansel Halic, Suvranu De
32 Dynamic Control of Multiple Focal-Plane Projections for Eliminating Defocus and Occlusion
Momoyo Nagase, Daisuke Iwai, Kosuke Sato
33 Interaction Capture in Immersive Virtual Environments via an Intelligent Floor Surface
Yon Visell, Alvin Law, Jessica Ip, Severin Smith, Jeremy R. Cooperstock