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VR 2007 07 Program: Papers 07 07

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AR Studies
Photorealistic Rendering for Augmented Reality: A Global Illumination and BRDF Solution
Saulo Pessoa, Guilherme Moura, João Lima, Veronica Teichrieb, Judith Kelner

The Role of Latency in the Validity of AR Simulation
Cha Lee, Scott Bonebrake, Tobias Höllerer, Doug A. Bowman

Performance Evaluation Method for Mobile Computer Vision Systems using Augmented Reality
Jonas Nilsson, Anders C.E. Ödblom, Jonas Fredriksson, Adeel Zafar, Fahim Ahmed

An Evaluation of Physical Affordances in Augmented Virtual Environments: Dataset Grounding and Magic Lens

Leonard D. Brown, Hong Hua (short paper)
Enabling Functional Validation of Virtual Cars Through Natural Interaction Metaphors
Mathias Moehring, Bernd Froehlich

Improved Redirection with Distractors: A Large-Scale-Real-Walking Locomotion Interface and its Effect on Navigation in Virtual Environments
Tabitha C. Peck, Henry Fuchs, Mary C. Whitton

Visual-Olfactory Display Using Olfactory Sensory Map
Aiko Nambu, Takuji Narum, Kunihiro Nishimura, Tomohiro Tanikawa, Michitaka Hirose

Effect Based Scene Manipulation for Multimodal VR Systems
Matthias Haringer, Steffi Beckhaus

Egocentric Space-Distorting Visualizations for Rapid Environment Exploration in Mobile Mixed Reality
Christian Sandor, Andrew Cunningham, Ulrich Eck, Donald Urquhart, Graeme Jarvis, Arindam Dey, Sebastien Barbier, Michael R. Marner, Sang Rhee
GUD WIP: Gait-Understanding-Driven Walking-In-Place
Jeremy D. Wendt, Mary C. Whitton, Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Breaking the Status Quo: Improving 3D Gesture Recognition with Spatially Convenient Input Devices
Michael Hoffman, Paul Varcholik, Joseph J. LaViola Jr.

Buttonless Clicking: Intuitive Select and Pick-release Through Gesture Analysis
Ali Choumane, Géry Casiez, Laurent Grisoni
AR Applications
Virtually Augmenting Hundreds of Real Pictures: An Approach based on Learning, Retrieval, and Tracking
Julien Pilet, Hideo Saito

More Than Meets the Eye: An Engineering Study to Empirically Examine the Blending of Real and Virtual Color Spaces
Joseph L. Gabbard, Jason Zedlitz, J. Edward Swan II, Woodrow W. Winchester III

Twinkle: Interacting with Physical Surfaces Using Handheld Projector
Takumi Yoshida, Yuki Hirobe, Hideaki Nii, Naoki Kawakami, Susumu Tachi

In-Place Sketching for Content Authoring in Augmented Reality Games
Nate Hagbi, Raphaël Grasset, Oriel Bergig, Mark Billinghurst, Jihad El-Sana
Is the Rubber Hand Illusion Induced by Immersive Virtual Reality?
Ye Yuan, Anthony Steed

Virtual Experience Test: A Virtual Environment Evaluation Questionnaire
Dustin B. Chertoff, Brian Goldiez, Joseph J. LaViola, Jr

The Contribution of Real-Time Mirror Reflections of Motor Actions on Virtual Body Ownership in an Immersive Virtual Environment
Mar González-Franco, Daniel Pérez-Marcos, Bernhard Spanlang, Mel Slater

Avatar Self-Embodiment Enhances Distance Perception Accuracy in Non-Photorealistic Immersive Virtual Environments
Lane Phillips, Brian Ries, Michael Kaeding, Victoria Interrante
VR Applications
Simulation of Genetic Inheritance in the Generation of Virtual Characters
Roberto C. Cavalcante Vieira, Creto Augusto Vidal, Joaquim B. Cavalcante-Neto

Multimodal Virtual Reality Application for the Study of Unilateral Spatial Neglect
Inna Tsirlin, Eve Dupierrix, Sylvie Chokron, Theophile Ohlmann, Sabine Coquillart

Can you help me concentrate room?
Mohamad Nadim Adi, David Roberts

VRACK - Virtual Reality Augmented Cycling Kit: Design and Validation
R. Ranky, M. Sivak, J. Lewis, V. Gade, J.E. Deutsch, C. Mavroidis
Multi-Modal Interfaces
Synthesizing Contact Sounds Between Textured Models
Zhimin Ren, Hengchin Yeh, Ming C. Lin

Sound synthesis and evaluation of interactive footsteps for virtual reality applications
Rolf Nordahl, Stefania Serafin, Luca Turchet

Auto-Calibration of Cylindrical Multi-Projector Systems
Behzad Sajadi, Aditi Majumder
Collaboration & Distribution
Effects of Viewing Conditions and Rotation Methods in a Collaborative Tabletop AR Environment
Sangyoon Lee, Hong Hua

On Error Bound Estimation for Motion Prediction
Rynson W.H. Lau, Kenneth Lee

Mixed Reality in Virtual World Teleconferencing
Tuomas Kantonen, Charles Woodward, Neil Katz

Streaming 3D Shape Deformations in Collaborative Virtual Environment
Ziying Tang, Guodong Rong, Xiaohu Guo, B. Prabhakaran
Change Blindness Phenomena for Stereoscopic Projection Systems
Frank Steinicke, Gerd Bruder, Klaus Hinrichs, Pete Willemsen

Influence of Tactile Feedback and Presence on Egocentric Distance Perception in Virtual Environments
Farahnaz Ahmed, Joseph D. Cohen, Katherine S. Binder, Claude L. Fennema

Detection Thresholds for Label Motion in Visually Cluttered Displays
Stephen D. Peterson, Magnus Axholt, Matthew Cooper, Stephen R. Ellis

Can You Stand on Virtual Grounds? A Study on Postural Affordances in Virtual Reality
Tony Regia-Corte, Maud Marchal, Anatole Lécuyer
Real-time Panoramic Mapping and Tracking on Mobile Phones
Daniel Wagner, Alessandro Mulloni, Tobias Langlotz, Dieter Schmalstieg

A Real-time Multi-cue Hand Tracking Algorithm Based on Computer Vision
Zhigeng Pan, Yang Li, Mingmin Zhang, Chao Sun, Kangde Guo, Xing Tang, Steven Zhiying Zhou

Markerless Tracking Using Polar Correlation of Camera Optical Flow
Prince Gupta, Niels da Vitoria Lobo, Joseph J. Laviola Jr.
Real-Time Continuum Grass
Kan Chen, Henry Johan

Single-pass 3D Lens Rendering and Spatiotemporal “Time Warp” Example
Jan-Phillip Tiesel, Christoph W. Borst, Kaushik Das, Emad Habib

GPU Implementation of 3D Object Selection by Conic Volume Techniques in Virtual Environments
Tobias Rick, Anette von Kapri, Torsten Kuhlen