Virtual Reality
March 8-12 Reno NV USA

IEEE VR Paper Sessions

Paper sessions for IEEE VR are broken down into sessions of related work. View the sessions below for details and see the Week-at-a-Glance for timings.

Monday AM1: Augmented & Mixed Reality (90)

Providing a Wide Field of View for Effective Interaction in Desktop Tangible Augmented Reality Systems

Seokhee Jeon , Gerard J. Kim

Capturing Images with Sparse Informational Pixels using Projected 3D Tags

Li Zhang , Neesha Subramaniam , Robert Lin , Shree Nayar , Ramesh Raskar

Envisor: Online Environment Map Construction for Mixed Reality

Stephen DiVerdi , Jason Wither , Tobias Hollerer

Monday PM1: User Studies of AR/MR/VR Systems (90)

Mixed Reality Merges Abstract and Concrete Knowledge

John Quarles , Samsum Lampotang , Ira Fischler , Paul Fishwick , Benjamin Lok

An Empirical Study of Hear-Through Augmented Reality: Using Bone Conduction to Deliver Spatialized Audio

Robert Lindeman , Haruo Noma , Paulo de Barros

User Boresighting Behavior in Augmented Reality Calibration

Magnus Axholt , Stephen Peterson , Stephen Ellis

Using an Eye-Tracking System to Improve Depth-of-Field blur Effects and Camera Motions in Virtual Environments

Sébastien Hillaire, Anatole Lécuyer, Rémi Cozot, Géry Casiez

Monday PM2: Multiplayer & Collaborative VE/MR (90)

Object-Capability Security in Virtual Environments

Martin Scheffler , Jan Springer , Bernd Fröhlich

Mobile Group Dynamics in Large-Scale Collaborative Virtual Environments

Trevor Dodds , Roy Ruddle

Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds as a Platform for Augmented Reality Experiences

Tobias Lang , Blair MacIntyre , Iker Jamardo Zugaza

A Symmetric Model of Remote Collaborative Mixed Reality Using Tangible

Shun Yamamoto, Hidekazu Tamaki, Yuta Okajima, Yuichi Bannai, Kenichi Okada

Tuesday AM1(a): Industrial Applications (60)

The Two-User Seating Buck: Enabling Face-to-Face Discussions of Novel Car Interface Concepts

Holger Salzmann , Bernd Fröhlich

Augmented Reality for Industrial Building Acceptance

Ralph Schoenfelder , Dieter Schmalstieg

Tuesday AM2: Virtual Human and Avatars (90)

IPSViz: An After-Action Review Tool for Human-Virtual Human Experiences

Andrew Raij , Benjamin Lok

Virtual Human + Tangible Interface = Mixed Reality Human. An Initial Exploration with a Virtual Breast Exam Patient

Aaron Kotranza , Benjamin Lok

Creating a Speech Enabled Avatar from a Single Photograph

Dmitri Bitouk , Shree Nayar

High-Fidelity Avatar Eye-Representation

William Steptoe , Anthony Steed

Tuesday PM1: Perception & Evaluation (90)

Circular, Linear, and Curvilinear Vection in a Large-screen Virtual Environment with Floor Projection

Laura C. Trutoiu , Betty Mohler , Jorg Schulte-Pelkum , Heinrich H. Bulthoff

Evaluation of Reorientation Techniques for Walking in Large Virtual Environments

Tabitha Peck , Mary Whitton , Henry Fuchs

Showing Users the Way: Signs in Virtual Worlds

Daniel Cliburn , Stacy Rilea

An Evaluation of Immersive Displays for Virtual Human Experiences

Kyle Johnsen , Benjamin Lok

Tuesday PM2: Tracking & 3D Reconstruction (90)

Advanced tracking through efficient image processing and visual-inertial sensor fusion

Gabriele Bleser , Didier Stricker

Hybrid Feature Tracking and User Interaction for Markerless Augmented Reality

Taehee Lee , Tobias Höllerer

Rapid Creation of Large-scale Photorealistic Virtual Environments

Charalambos Poullis , Suya You , Ulrich Neumann

Wednesday AM1: Display & Rendering (120)

Automultiscopic display by revolving flat-panel displays

Koichi Hirota , Kazuyoshi Tagawa , Yasuhiro Suzuki

Managing Visual Clutter: A Generalized Technique for Label Segregation using Stereoscopic Disparity

Stephen Peterson , Magnus Axholt , Stephen Ellis

Advanced Multi-Frame Rate Rendering Techniques

Jan P. Springer , Christopher Lux , Dirk Reiners , Bernd Fröhlich

Transparent Cockpit: Visual Assistance System for Vehicle Using Retro-reflective Projection Technology

Takumi Yoshida , Kensei Jo , Kouta Minamizawa , Hideaki Nii , Naoki Kawakami , Susumu Tachi

New Rendering Approach for Composable Volumetric Lenses

Christopher Best , Christoph Borst

Wednesday AM2: 3D Interfaces and Tangible Space (90)

Tiered Developer-Centric Representations for 3D Interfaces: Concept-Oriented Design in Chasm

Chadwick Wingrave , Doug Bowman

VARU Framework: Enabling Rapid Prototyping of VR, AR and Ubiquitous Applications

Sylvia Irawati , Sangchul Ahn , Jinwook Kim , Heedong Ko

Case study of Haptic methods for Selection on CAD models

Flavien Picon , Mehdi Ammi , Patrick Bourdot

Cutting, Deforming and Painting of 3D meshes in a Two Handed Viso-haptic VR System

Adam Faeth , Michael A. Oren , Jon Sheller , Sean Godinez , Chris Harding

Wednesday PM1: Training & Education (90)

Spatial Electronic Mnemonics for augmentation of human memory

Yasushi Ikei , Hirofumi Ota

GVT: a platform to create virtual environments for procedural training

Stéphanie Gerbaud , Nicolas Mollet , Franck Ganier , Bruno Arnaldi , Jacques Tisseau

Distance education system for teaching manual skills in endoscopic paranasal sinus surgery using "HyperMirror" telecommunication interface

Toru Kumagai , Juli Yamashita , Osamu Morikawa , Kazunori Yokoyama , Shin'ichi Fujimaki, Taku Konishi , Hiroshi Ishimasa , Hideyuki Murata , Koichi Tomoda

Inexpensive Immersive Projection

Nancy Yuen , William Thibault





















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