Virtual Reality
March 8-12 Reno NV USA


Posters will be presented at the Poster Forward (Monday 11-12:30) and authors will be at their posters again before the Dinner Banquet (Tuesday 5:30-7:00). Posters will be on display throughout the conference.

The individual posters are listed below and poster events can be see on the Week-at-a-Glance.

Virtual 3D World Construction by Inter-connecting Photograph-based 3D Models

Takashi Aoki, Tomohiro Tanikawa, Michitaka Hirose

An initial study into augmented inward looking exploration and navigation in CAVE-like IPT systems

Rob Aspin

Uncertainty Boundaries for Complex Objects in Augmented Reality

Jiajian Chen, Blair MacIntyre

MIRELA: A Language for Modeling and Analyzing Mixed Reality Applications Using Timed Automata

Jean-Yves Didier, Bachir Djafri, Hanna Klaudel

EEG-based navigation of immersing virtual environment using common spatial patterns

Junya Fujisawa, Hideaki Touyama, Michitaka Hirose

Extending X3D with Perceptual Auditory Properties

Katharina Garbe, Iris Herbst

Piavca: A Framework for Heterogeneous Interactions with Virtual Characters

Marco Gillies

Redgraph: Navigating Semantic Web Networks using Virtual Reality

Harry Halpin, David J. Zielinski, Rachael Brady, Glenda Kelly

Multi-dimensional Interactive City Exploration through Mixed Reality

Iris Herbst, Anne-Kathrin Braun, Rod McCall, Wolfgang Broll

VFire: Virtual Fire in Realistic Environments

Roger V. Hoang, Joseph D. Mahsman, David T. Brown, Michael A. Penick, Frederick C. Harris Jr., Timothy J. Brown

3D Virtual Haptic Cone for Intuitive Vehicle Motion Control

B.Horan, Z.Najdovski, S. Nahavandi

Psychophysical Influence on Tactual Impression by Mixed-Reality Visual Stimulation

Akiko Iesaki, Akihiro Somada, Asako Kimura, Fumihisa Shibata, Hideyuki Tamura

The Effects of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Motion Parallax on Egocentric Depth Perception

Adam Jones, J. Edward Swan II, Gurjot Singh, Eric Kolstad

Immersive 3D Environment for Remote Collaboration and Training of Physical Activities

Gregorij Kurillo, Ruzena Bajcsy, Klara Nahrsted, Oliver Kreylos

E-MAT: The Extremities-Multiple Application Trainer for Haptic-based Medical Training

Todd Lazarus, Glenn A. Martin, Razia Nayeem Jennifer Fowlkes, Dawn Riddle

MIRAGE: A Touch Screen based Mixed Reality Interface for Space Planning Applications

Gun A. Lee, Hyun Kang, Wookho Son

The NetEyes Collaborative, Augmented Reality, Digital Paper System

D. McGee, X. Huang, P. Barthelmess, P. Cohen

Camera Parameter Estimation Method Using Infrared Markers for Live TV Production

Hideki Mitsumine, Yuko Yamanouchi, Takashi Fukaya, Hidehiko Okubo, Seiki Inoue

Vertex-preserving Cutting of Elastic Objects

Megumi Nakao, Kotaro Minato, Naoto Kume, Shin-ichiro Mori, Shinji Tomita

Bezier Surface Editing Using Marker-based Augmented Reality

David O'Gwynn, John Johnstone

Conversational Pointing Gestures for Virtual Reality Interaction: Implications from an Empirical Study

Thies Pfeiffer, Marc E. Latoschik, Ipke Wachsmuth

Integrating Gyroscopes into Ubiquitous Tracking Environments

Daniel Pustka, Manuel Huber, Gudrun Klinker

Coordination Policies for Co-located Collaborative Travel

Andreas Simon, Christian Stern

A Load Simulation and Metrics Framework for Distributed Virtual Real

H. Lally Singh, Denis Gracanin, Kresimir Matkovicn

HOG on a WIM

Aaron Stafford, Wayne Piekarski, Bruce H. Thomas

A Universal Virtual Locomotion System: Supporting Generic Redirected Walking and Dynamic Passive Haptics within Legacy 3D Graphics Applications

Frank Steinice, Timo Ropinski, Gerd Bruder, Klaus Hinrichs, Harald Frenz, Markus Lappe

Assessing the Effects of Orientation and Device on 3D Positioning

Robert J. Teather, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Creating Meaningful Environment Models for Augmented Reality

Eduardo E. Veas, Dieter Schmalstieg

Identifying Motion Capture Tracking Markers with Self-Organizing Maps

Matthias Weber, Heni Ben Amor, Thomas Alexander

User-Centered Multimodal Interaction Graph for Design Reviews

Martin Witzel, Giuseppe Conti, Raffaele De Amicis





















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