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March 8-12 Reno NV USA

Workshop #4

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Future Standards for Immersive VR

Sunday March 9th, 8:30am - 12:00pm noon (half-day)
Silver Legacy Resort Casino
Reno, Nevada, USA

This workshop builds on recent progress and convergence between the VR and Web3D communities. In addition to many common requirements such as geometry, lighting, animation, and interaction/direct manipulation, and networked resources, these communities are both faced with the challenges and costs of re-use. The current paradox between high hardware power but low VR adoption is a result of the high cost of creating and deploying digital assets. By specifying and adopting standards, and insuring conformance among software, content can be portable, interoperable, durable, and full-featured.


Last year's workshop provided valuable information for presenters and attendees as in-depth discussion surrounded the challenges and requirements for future standards for immersive VR. This second workshop will again highlight common interests in seamless access to network-based VR content and resources. We will look at the philosophies, data models, and feature sets of various scenegraph tools including (but not limited to) ISO-based scenegraph standards such as X3D/VRML (http://www.web3d.org) in immersive contexts. We will examine the roadmap and action items needed to improve current standards and practices.

For example, what are common requirements for a data archive format that provides expressive runtime or application behaviour? Through multiple tool and application examples, we will attempt to illuminate the commonalities and differences between the communities and develop a common roadmap of education and effort.


Participants are invited to submit position papers that address the theme Web3D and VR scenegraphs and technology. These papers will be reviewed by the organizers. Position papers should include examples, challenges, and/or opportunities for describing immersive scenegraphs in standards languages, APIs, and protocols. The papers and presentations will provide the basis for the plenary discussion. Workshop papers will be published online and on the conference DVD ROM.

See the previous year's report and papers: http://www.web3d.org/conferences/vr2007/





















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