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March 8-12 Reno NV USA

Tutorial #1

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Virtual Reality Technology - An Introduction

Saturday March 8th, 8:30am - 5:00pm (full-day)
Silver Legacy Resort Casino
Reno, Nevada

Presenter: Grigore Burdea


The tutorial outline is based on the book published by the Instructor 2003, but with updated materials. The topics covered in this full-day tutorial are:

  1. Input Devices (Trackers, Navigation, and Gesture Interfaces)
  2. Output Devices (Graphics, Three-Dimensional Sound, and Haptic Displays)
  3. Computing Architectures for VR (graphics and haptics pipelines, PC and Workstation-based architectures, parallel and distributed systems)
  4. Modeling (geometric, kinematics, physical, behavior, model management)
  5. VR Programming (Scene graph, Java 3D, GHOST, PeopleShop, 3DGame Studio)
  6. Human Factors in VR (multimodal evaluations, cybersickness)
  7. VR Applications (medical, education/entertainment, military, manufacturing, robotics, visualization).

Intended Audience

The tutorial is intended for those new to the field of VR/VE, although others may benefit as well.

Presenter's Background

Grigore Burdea has been a VR researcher for 17 years, having authored the books Virtual Reality Technology (1994 and 2003), and Force and Touch Feedback for Virtual Reality (1996), all published by Wiley. He has extensive experience in teaching VR, having done so with over 350 students at Rutgers University. Burdea served as General Chair of IEEE VR 2000, and recently as Guest Editor of the Special Issue on Haptics, Virtual and Augmented Reality of the IEEE TVCG.





















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