2016 IEEE First International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation

Berlin, Germany

4-8 April 2016

Papers By Session

IoT Visions and Enablers
Enabling Synergy in IoT: Platform to Service and Beyond
World of Empowered IoT Users
Internet of Mobile Things: Mobility-Driven Challenges, Designs and Implementations
IoT Applications (I): Personal, Participatory, and Vehicular
VShare: A Wireless Social Network Aided Vehicle Sharing System Using Hierarchical Cloud Architecture
Towards a Sustainable Incentive Mechanism for Participatory Sensing
Developing Adaptive Quantified-Self Applications Using DynaSense
Edge and Backend Services for IoT
Adaptive Edge Analytics for Distributed Networked Control of Water Systems
Query Processing for the Internet-of-Things: Coupling of Device Energy Consumption and Cloud Infrastructure Billing
Intelligent, Performance Interference-Aware Resource Management for IoT Cloud Backends
Enhancing Dependability of Cloud-Based IoT Services through Virtualization
Network Architecture Paradigms for IoT
Named Data Networking of Things (Invited Paper)
MF-IoT: A MobilityFirst-Based Internet of Things Architecture with Global Reach-Ability and Communication Diversity
A Layered Protocol Architecture for Scalable Innovation and Identification of Network Economic Synergies in the Internet of Things
Application-Inspired Networking Challenges
Resilient Overlays for IoT-Based Community Infrastructure Communications
DIAL: A Distributed Adaptive-Learning Routing Method in VDTNs
Maximizing Network Lifetime of WirelessHART Networks under Graph Routing
IoT Applications (II): Smart Buildings and Indoors Services
Control Improvisation with Probabilistic Temporal Specifications
Leveraging Physical Locality to Integrate Smart Appliances in Non-Residential Buildings with Ultrasound and Bluetooth Low Energy
Human SLAM, Indoor Localisation of Devices and Users
Short Papers
Performance Evaluation of an M2M Platform in Different Deployment Setups
On the Implementation of Compressive Sensing on Wireless Sensor Network
A Modular Approach to Context-Aware IoT Applications
I4T Workshop: Regular Papers
A Neural Network and IoT Based Scheme for Performance Assessment in Internet of Robotic Things
Unified Service-Oriented Access for WSNs and Dynamically Deployed Application Tasks
Sensing Enabled Capabilities for Access Control Management: IoT as an Enabler for the Advanced Management of Access Control
A Mobile Multi-Technology Gateway to Enable IoT Interoperability
One-to-Many Data Transmission for Smart Devices at Close Range
Semantic Technologies for the IoT - An Inter-IoT Perspective
IoT Design Patterns: Computational Constructs to Design, Build and Engineer Edge Applications
3GPP Standards to Deliver LTE Connectivity for IoT
I4T Workshop: Short Papers
The Application of Telematics and Smart Devices in Emergencies: Use Cases in Next Generation Emergency Services
Extending T-Res with Mobility for Context-Aware IoT
Layered Security and Ease of Installation for Devices on the Internet of Things
Cloud Ecosystems Support for Internet of Things and DevOps Using Patterns
A Bayesian Packet Sharing Approach for Noisy IoT Scenarios
Predictive Power Control in Wireless Sensor Networks